Dustoff: Heli Rescue

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Sometimes, you just need a little time waster and Dustoff: Heli Rescue is the perfect solution for a no-brainer, yet surprisingly challenging mobile game with just the right touch of nostalgia. I first spied Dustoff: Heli Rescue on a sale site that was offering it up for 99 cents. After glancing at the reviews, and…

That looks like fun.

Does it have a rectangular VRS zone? :smile:

That looks great! Does it support DK2? :wink: Going to have to pick this one up. Glad to see they make an Android version, too!

Yes this is a fun little game. I had the privilege of getting to beta test this one and had a blast. I still play it frm time to to time for a quick fix and it always satisfies!

So glad to see you review mobile titles too!

@Echo They did a great job on it…hope to see some additional software from that group… I’ve got some additional mobile games/sims I’d like to write up some reviews on…as usual, not enough time in the day!

Thanks for the comment…


I see Dustoff Heli Rescue for PC is on sale today for $1.95 - a great game for couple bucks!



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