Dying light - THE FOLLOWING

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Its time to cricket bat guys. I have binged my way through dying light 2nd map and now the expansion (THE FOLLOWING) awaits.

It looks peaceful enough and open areas. I am sure its not peaceful and there will be paaaaain. I guess we may need a vehicle to get around this open map. Well luckily we can drive, run over, squish zombies with cars here…

I await for multiplayer zombie shenanigans !!!


Good luck killing zombies with that Toyota windshield wiper.

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Lol, Yep that little wiper blade has had some use.

Looks like the countryside is not so absent after all……. I am going to head back to Haran and wait for others that want to join in with me.

I put in just over 100 hours into DL and the Following. Great coop game. The cars are great fun although I wish the area was a little larger and more open so you could use them even more. Still, nothing like mowing down what seems like a small town’s worth of zombies in one straight run without lifting the pedal. :slight_smile:

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