Dynamic Wx Profiles for Caucasus

If anyone wants to try some Dynamic Wx profiles for the Caucusus map, here’s four I’ve been experimenting with. I have 8-10hr time-lapse videos of the weather profiles, with Google Drive download links after each video.






Simply place the files into the following directory: Saved Games/DCS/MissionEditor/weather/dynamic


In the Mission Editor, go to weather and select the Dynamic tab. Press the drop-down menu at the bottom and select the weather profile (Step 1). Click the folder icon to load the profile (Step 2). Do not change the values in the red box. The values in the green boxes can be freely changed.


Sweet! thanks!

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Very cool. I especially like how you can watch the wind direction change by the chimney smoke.

I have also been experimenting with dynamic WX a bit. I am trying to set it up so there is a nice cloudy and rainy weather front that I have to fly into or through. I need to try your WX profiles, :slightly_smiling_face:

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To note - the date, time, temperature and “world” pressure (QNH) are set in the dynamic weather LUA.

While you are free to change them in ME, they will be reset to what is in the LUA file each time it is loaded into the Mission Editor. So if you are doing some trial-and-error weather adjustments, code your date/time/QNH changes into the LUA as well.

Very nice demonstration. Now, I wish someone could figure out a way to lower the cloud level like you can with static weather clouds. I know the setting exists in the dynamic weather lua files, but it doesn’t do anything. I can tell just by looking at these videos the cloud level is at the default 8000 ft level.

clouds =
density = 8,
thickness = 6,
base = 6500,
iprecptns = 0,
}, – end of clouds

None of these settings appear to do anything as far as I can tell.

I’ve been able to change the look and behavior of the cirrus clouds through editing the cirrus.fx file and have gotten some pretty nice results.

The only result I’ve been able to achieve with the cumulus clouds is increasing the density of them through editing the “Config\Effects\ParticleSystem2\cloud.lua” file. I was able to create a pretty solid overcast with dynamic weather clouds by doing this. Unfortunately it made my 1080 TI beg for mercy.

Or for those who don’t want to mess with LUAs, after changing the TOD and other settings, press the save icon down at the bottom. QNH I think has to be set in the LUA though.

If I recall correctly, it’s on the static tab so I am not sure if that would be saved back into the LUA or not.

Yeah, the pressure is only on the static tab, unfortunately.