Eagle Dynamics preview of Polychop's Gazelle

In case you missed the live stream:

Is it weird that I was most excited about the new ground textures in the Caucasus map? Looks gorgeous.

I like the wind yarn. Wonder if it’ll make its way into other aircraft, like the TF-51D?


I really want to see his winter textures. I despise the lack of snow in the current default ones.

also yada yada yada gazelle looks amazing yada

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  1. It’s been said a thousand times already, but that aircraft is screaming out for multi-seat. Arma has long owned the amazing gameplay involving pilot and gunner in an attack chopper. I hope they can include it or retrofit it.

  2. What is up with the missile grip being shoulder height? Is that so the gunner stays awake? Holy crap looks so uncomfortable.

  3. The trees look amazing. Release it already. Release them both already. I feel like a dog with the bacon being waved around and then put away. Again. Someone always calls out “don’t tease the dog, it’s cruel!” Yep, same thing here.

I was thinking the same thing! Seriously that’s got to get fatiguing after a few minutes.

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Came for the gazelle, stayed for the textures!

Have no fear @Tankerwade! Multicrew will come to the Gazelle. But it will not be implemented during the initial release. I enjoyed watching the stream. The flying was decent ofcourse, although he nailed the landing. but I’d really like to see the module flown a bit more to the limit and with ambush style tactics like we see in all those documentaries about the Bölkow 105 and Gazelle before I consider myself sold. Maybe next time :slight_smile: We could perhaps also get a good close-up of the new textures as well then.


Nice find, Sryan, thanks for sharing!