Eagle Flight

Do I wait for the inevitable pigeon DLC?

Fly through the skies of Paris in Eagle Flight, Ubisoft’s first Virtual Reality game!

Some confusion over the price, in that Ubisoft are flogging it for $60 (!, yep - no) but the Oculus Store shows it for $40. On the Vive on December 20th, but not sure if that is ‘Facebook Money’ doing that or not.

To avoid motion sickness it looks like the flight mechanic is that you fly where you look, plus have a narrower field of view. I guess that works for the birds?

VR does need some ‘written for VR’ new titles, but I’m not sure if this was the best idea ever. Did they reuse some Assassin’s Creed Unity Paris assets? Do Eagles and Paris really go together? How about a VR adventure game rather than being a bird? Hmm. Reviews so far seem ok though.

I’m calling mine…Rufus…


nah the pigeon is in BF1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Quidditch in vr


Why??? Is this what developers really think VR gamers want? It was the same crap with the kinect. You want VR to take off and stay? Give me a first person shooter mech game.

For me - I want a game like Solo Flight or some kind of Challenging Airports series using similar framerates and scenery as Red Bull Air Racing. Smaller areas with higher detail (like Arma 3) are fine with me if the proper aircraft or helos are used. I enjoy some game to my sims…but not too many people making game sims these days. Remember SimCopter? Or even the Search and Rescue series.

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I agree but for VR to take off I think it needs to appeal to a wider audience then just the flight aim market. We are a small market after all.

I just picked it up. I wanted something lite to mess around with. The graphics are fluid and the city is detailed. Lots of narrow streets to fly down and it is cool to be able to recognize the landmarks.

I have only messed around in free flight so far. I’ll tackle the single player campaign/story mode next.

The game is $39.99 plus tax on Oculus Home. You still have to sign into UBISoft’s Uplay service which is annoying, but it seems that if you want to play a UBISoft title, that is the price you have to pay.


Well…I expect to read all about it by 5AM tomorrow. After all…


Sigh… Oh For Pete’s sake! I know VR is new and all. But really?!? Who thought this was a good idea? Its an ok idea at 10 bucks. But 40 dollars!!! Really?
Maybe in the next Ubisoft tittle I can be a mop that works in a truck stop toilet. Sorry to be such a pita but this sounds as exciting as a game about a virtual office job.

Fearless is Priceless “Do I wait for the inevitable pigeon DLC?” LMAO!

It’s really not that bad if you take it for what it is. It’s a game, pure and simple. Graphically it is quite nice (well I like it’s style at least). Maybe a little too expensive, but a lot of work went into the map. I’m not dissatisfied with the purchase at all at this point.

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Is it just me or has it only been like a year or two that VR has been readily accessible? I surprised at the amount of grief in this thread, give the industry a minute to catch up with a market that’s currently a fraction of the players right now.

(By VR I mean true interactive stuff, not just taping your phone to your face for a 360 YouTube video)

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Oh hell yeah, a Vive with the controller acting like the arms of a ATLAS!

I should really start up Mech Warrior Online again, I still have that Atlas tree to master…


Sadly the devs of Mechwarrior Online can’t even get it run all that well in 1080p on modern gpus and don’t support surround/eyefinity mode, so getting it to be VR is probably way above their skills.

I say that sadly as someone with hundreds of hours in MWO, who wishes a good dev had the license.

The way Elite does VR even when looking at my ship in the outfitting hangar would be amazing to experience the same thing in a mech.

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