East Coast Aerobatic Contest

There is a guy who comes to our contest at Warrenton, VA every year with a ton of photography equipment. I am eventually going to have to search him out and buy something because his work is the only opportunity to see and hear my plane fly.

The following is my intermediate Free program. If you look close at around 3:10 you will see a little bobble in my roll into a turn. I fly with a really light touch on the stick. My hands were sweaty and the 7g pull out of the dive popped the stick right out of my hand. (Gloves will be my next purchase). I won!

I wrote an “After Action” report on the contest for my IAC chapter. I have written two now and called them both AARs; a title inspired by this forum. The response has been great.


Fancy flying!
Congrats on the win!

Those sun glint/light bloom effects look way overdone though. I wish they would update the shaders. :wink:


I agree. At the next contest in 2 Falcon Weeks we will implement Deferred Shading. No guarantees on how this may effect users with RR (Reality Reality).

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I’m not so impressed with Real Reality. Over-hyped and costs a lot of money. I mean, no pause buttons or resets…
They really should patch those issues.
Plus, the older I get, the less resolution I get on the display.
Nah! Virtual all the way!