Echo Arena (VR)

A free to play VR + Touch esport game. It’s currently open beta weekend, so gave it a ‘spin’ (literally).

If you’ve ever read Ender’s Game then this is basically the ‘Battle Room’ made in VR. It’s a fast paced sports game with the aim to throw the disc in the opponents goal. You can be ‘frozen’ if punched, but do some punching back. Enormous fun, and the locomotion method needs at least space to wave your arms around, but is otherwise not that puke inducing. This arena part is a free to play MP thing, while there is a full single player game planned called ‘Lone Echo’ launching July 20th 2017.

The 3 vs 3 I played was great, with lots of friendly chatting and people helping each other learn the game. If you have Rift+Touch then definitely worth a look.

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