Echo One Niner Hornet sound pack

Anyone else try this donationware? It seems pretty high quality for the most part, especially the flyby and sonic boom. I don’t dwell often in the external view, but when I do, my one quibble is that ahead of the 3/9 line in F2 view, I hear the flyby sound (F3), even if you are stationary next
to the jet. Move aft of the pitch axis and you hear the normal engine sounds. Will post on their discord.

Edit: known bug to be resolved in the first update.

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I tried the ‘Core’ mod. And watched the above (and the Viper YT). It really does sound good outside the cockpit, which is something. I’m just rarely there [outside].

When the lid is shut it does seem like you don’t hear much of, say, the jet right next to you. I did ask about this but didn’t get an answer I understood from the person on the channel.

Does it needs fixing?

Interesting. I never thought much about the jet next to you, but I guess that you do hear it, especially like being no 2, 3, or 4 on takeoff when lead lights the can.

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I looked into the E19 stuff a couple years ago and wasn’t impressed, but now that they seem to have brought the quality way up I tried the F-14 sound pack and thought it was mostly awesome except for the lack of MIL power sound on traps. Though, to be fair, I am comparing the E19 sound to the original HB sound, which itself is sorely lacking compared to the default Hornet and Viper.

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You would maybe hear another jet faintly when you’re idling on the tarmac, but you would hear zilch of another jet in the air.

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So what I’m hearing :laughing:, is that if you mostly spend time inside your ride of choice and not making video, that the default sounds are sufficient? The GAU-8 Avenger notwithstanding.


That is what I was thinking!

And what I tried to ask the author(s) about, in a roundabout way. I didn’t want to sound like a wise-guy.

So, yes, for video’s and just hanging out on the ramp it is improved; a lot of the positive comments where along the lines, “…brings back great memories…of being on the ramp/watching them fly over, etc, etc”. Which I don’t do much of.

I applaud their work (if the authors happen to be reading this - this means I think it is very good!) but it’s not something I personally just have to have. Right now.


Oddly, you actually can hear something of the other jets around you in flight depending on orientation.

In the Training Command, we used to train the students to fly column, tucked right up under the tail of lead. And you could actually hear the roar of the jet.

The other time you could hear lead was doing a fan break. Lead rolled into a turn and went to Mil while you followed at idle. The thrust difference provided the separation.

Other times, when you were fighting close and flew through the other guy’s wake or something, it was probably more felt than heard, but it’s hard to distinguish since your brain kind of adds sound effects where appropriate (or cool :wink:).


I have used their sound packs and enjoyed them. This update to the Hornet pack, at least externally, sounds much closer to my ear to reality (I visit near MCAS Beaufort most years, and often see and hear baby Hornets in all phases of flight).

I’ll pull it down and try the in-cockpit when I have time. Looking forward to it.