Eclipse 2017

Anybody else exicted about this eclipse? Monday, August 21.

We’re a bit out of the way of the path of totality, but I’m planning on taking the kids out of school to go drive up and see it.

Cool little interactive map to find specific times of events for local areas.

Looks like hotels are mostly already sold out for that weekend…yikes!

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Cool. Looking now to see if we might be able to get a backcountry camping permit for Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I hear that when the light disappears during an eclipse - the angry bears emerge.


All the hotels in a decent range from me are either booked or have a rate of $300+ a night. I’m thinking about renting an RV and driving the fam up there.

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Saw much the same re: hotel costs and flights in the direct path- probably gonna settle for being anywhere with shadow.

Do I need VR to view it?

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Just get a hotel room somewhere close and then drive into the Total Eclipse zone. Because weather is never a given, you will need to be prepared to drive to a better location on the day anyway.

I’m trying to figure out if I can swing another long weekend in Charleston for this one…

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That was an attempt at humor, by the way. Judging by the forum EVERYTHING is better with VR!

Well, you can see an eclipse in Google Earth VR. Maybe it is better than the real thing!

Everything excluding combat

:kissing: :notes:

I’m looking at renting an RV. Does that count?

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EDIT: To the forum gods, yes, that is a complete sentece.

Stereoscopic F-111…(not really…)