ED confirm AI WW2 units

Racoon, of ED team, confirm work of WW2 units (include bombers), that units has not part exclusive of WW2, will be part of DCS: W core.



Excellent! My Time Travel Campaign plans of ‘A Warthog Wins Battle of the Bulge’ are gradually coming together… :wink:

I wonder how big DCS base is going to get - I can see a lot of era’s being bundled in that base eventually?


Don’t forget the KA-50 detachment that flew into a freak snowstorm and stopped the Germans at the gates of Moscow.

I love that story.


Wowza. WHAT IF scenarios! I totally love that!
An F-15 two ship formation stopping a bombing raid on London!

I’d actually like to see if an A10 alone could wreak havoc amongst a B17 bombers formation too…
I know, it’s unrealistic…

Waitwaitwait… we have a Tomcat incoming, right?

Tomcat… Time travel… uhm, looks like something just a step away from a good movie plot.


Gonna destroy bombers with the defensive gun on the Tu-22M3

“Comrade Major, we are out of the storm. Avionics functioning, once again. But, what is this? Current year is… 1944? How can this be?”

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Vikhrs and Panzer III’s: A Love Story

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Comrade, Stalin himself must have brought us back to win the war!

By god who does not exist! Comrade Stalin has sacrificed enough dissidents to break down very barriers of space and time!

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Hmm…interesting scenarios. Stay tuned… :smiley:

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Happy to hear they don’t intend to split DCSW.
I need those WW2 units in modern scenarios, especially the FlaK


@Aginor There, now I’m wet.:scream:

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Fun scenario’s, I still think judging by what LNS is going to release they are really going for this scenario :smile: