Editorial cartoon about me from 1999, funny now

Cleaning out my closet, (honey-do list), throwing out the 30 years of notes, reports, complaints, books, magazine, school/class material on everything law enforcement related… ran into my book of good and bad… rewards, medals, letters of appreciation along with my complaints and news articles.

Back in 1999 I arrested a man for DUI, he refused to exit the car so after a number of warnings I pulled him out of the driver window. Well he had friends and connections at the Naples Daily News, so they made him a victim and me a villain… it was a bad time. The day of trial looked like a murder trial, news cameras everywhere, packed house… long story short, he was found guilty, Naples Daily News continued to smear my name… including this funny as hell political cartoon referring to me… (I can laugh at it now.)


I would have also considered getting that tattoo along with your new one, just to be funny :slight_smile:

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