Happily it’s an Elite Dangerous launcher profiler.

I gave it a go, and although it isn’t signed and Win10 offers a terrifying warning (you have to hit ‘More Info’ and ‘Run anyway’) it seems to work as advertised. Lots of options. I mainly wanted it just to flip between 2D and 3D quickly but it has nice HUD profiles to use too.

Dr. Kaii - EDProfiler


I’ve been using that too for switching from VR to 2D resolutions, it works well for that but somehow the Oculus app still comes up even in 2D mode.

@fearlessfrog let me know if that doesn’t happen for you so that I know to look harder for some setting I missed… Elite seems to function for me as once you go VR it doesn’t want you to ever go back to 2D :smile:

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I use the Steam Elite Dangerous and it works ok for that. The first time it asked for the location of the EDLauncher.exe and I pointed it to under Steam apps/common/ED/Elite64 (paraphrasing on phone) and so far so good both ways.