Educational Aircraft Video Suggestions?

Good Evening MUDSPIKE,

I’ll get straight to it then.
Which videos (if any) have you come across on YouTube (or any free to use platform) that has helped you learn something new about the/an aircraft that you didn’t know prior? It can be anything aviation, so long it is educational!

After doing a quick search, I discovered @BeachAV8R’s thread on ‘A few cool videos’ Here and thought this would be a cool idea too.

Often, I enjoy watching documentaries or something that I am trying to figure out casually in the moment when I have my lunch or when I am sitting in the backyard ending my night. I find it peaceful after a chaotic, sometimes toxic day at work. We all find our peace in something (or someone). Sometimes for me, it is about learning something new.

I will go first and link a playlist from a YouTuber that I recently discovered, desperately attempting to figure out my way around my first plane and introduction to aviation (and DCS), the A-10C II. Watching this gentleman’s (ralfidude) video allowed me to know the right questions to ask. It lead me on a path of [further] questions, helping me find this community here. Here is a link to his specific A-10 Tutorial Playlist Now I don’t know the guy, so I am not trying to promote but I always give credit where it is due.

Lets see what others here have to share. I’m curious to see what type of aircraft or aviation topics would come up in the videos!

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A really great visualization of VRS and how to recover from it.


Bravo! That is an excellent video! Thanks for sharing.

I’ll contribute:

…and any of the other videos by the late Captain VanderBurgh.


Anything by mentourpilot on YouTube. I really like his style.
Hes a 737 pilot and his airbus knowledge is a little spotty (which he freely admits) but otherwise a very informative and interesting channel


@Andrew116 I had the opportunity to watch this last night. I haven’t even heard of that phenome until watching the pilot get out of the Vortex Ring State. Cool, thanks :smiley:

@WarPig I notice that (late) Captain VanderBurgh has a bit of content out there. Watching good lectures are always great. Thanks for sharing brother.

Cool man. I will have to check this out sometime then.

Two words: Crash Laobi.


The guy is hilarious and educational at the same time. I highly recommend his Syria and Marianas videos. They are incredible.

Don’t forget to tell him to go f*** himself in the comments down below :rofl:


I learned calculus on Khan Academy. Frank Robinson’s classroom videos are classic but very specific to his helicopter. Otherwise I can’t recall having ever learned anything from a non-work-produced video. I’ve read enough to convince me that the “visual learner” stuff is BS. Having said that, I seem to prefer to read.

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Greg’s Airplanes and Automobiles is great as well. Extremely detailed and well researched videos about WWII Aircraft.

Want to know how engine control works on a Fw 190? Well he has a 42min video on the Kommandogerät. Want to know everything there’s to know about German C3 fuel? He’s got you covered with a >1h video.
He’s also got a fantastic 7 part series about the P-47D


2nd Laobi channel. The best two minute DCS guides hands down. Note that you’d be well advised to ask the children and Mrs to leave the room, unless they are used to showering in football locker rooms. No punches pulled and no one left humorously unmolested.

2nd Greg’s for background on warbirds. I found the P-47 series especially helpful understanding the giant beast.

I think that @jross told me to check out Sidekick’s channel. A poop-ton of excellent videos on moving mud and the Mission Editor.

You really can’t go wrong with Red Kite’s channel, covering a variety of DCS topics. Highly recommended.


I am so full of merde! I forgot about this autorotation series which I’ve watched dozens of times.




Of questionable training use. However if you have intentions of airborne bus driving this will teach you much.


This video gave me an immediate urge to go do some autorotations in the sim.

Speaking of the twin engine thing they talked about in the video…I recently installed the XP11 Bell 412 for the first time in preparation for some Xmas flight legs and a funny thing happened.

I pretty much just installed the aircraft and hopped in the cockpit, didn’t really do my homework on it or anything.

Went for a flight, figured if it looks like a Huey, it probably flies like one.

I thought I’d try an autorotation…took the mouse and scrolled the collective handle, then dropped the collective in anticipation and started to watch what the RPM would do… it wasn’t until I flared and started gently floating forward in ground effect with no RPM drop that I clicked - oh, I have two engines and I only closed one throttle! No wonder it seemed like a very benign autorotation :rofl:


Says alot about someone that goes back to correct themselves. :+1::muscle:

I don’t know if this is considered educational for some but I have heard the video has been used for training purposes afterwards. Very intense. F16 dodging 6 SAMs and later they discovered that chaff and flare never released. Unfortunately, if I’m not mistaken two jets went down.

Download the free Kiowa. It’s pretty darn good. And with just one throttle you’ll be able to autorotate yourself much easier than you can the 412.

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Beware and be forever vigilant of blue on blue incidents …

This guy has a great presentation style and explains things very clearly for stupid people like me.

I’ve been in the Sabre and the Tomcat all week trying to up my game a bit for fight club at the weekend. I’m consistently beating Mig15 now but the gen 3 and 4 fighters are battering me still

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I actually tried this in the DCS Huey and it worked:

Educational aircraft channels I tend to binge:

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