I could swear that I read some of Beach’s old EECH AARs not that long ago, but I can’t remember where they were. Have the feeling it may have been SimHQ but couldn’t swear to it. In any case I can’t find them there now.

Anyone know if they are still around?

OK - found them now - along with all the other old ones (>18 years now) but unfortunately all the screenshots have disappeared. Sort of negates the point, really, for most AARs.

Where did you find them?

If it was more than 18 years ago, it would most definitely SimHQ. I can’t find a few articles that I wrote there either, so it doesn’t surprise me. I do remember that there was some discussion of EECH here, and that Beach was definitely a fan of the sim. But don’t remember much more than that. Maybe trying to get it running in VR with vorpX?

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I found them on SimHQ but had to extend the threads all the way back to 2005 in the AAR section and all the screenshots are missing from all of the AARs - perhaps not surprisingly.

I have an XP machine behind me here, and I’ve been installing a lot of old stuff on it for kicks, when I get a bit fed up of modern, realistic stuff! Just installed EECH 1.16.1 and remembered reading the AARs. I used to fly it in the late noughties but can’t remember a thing about using the game, so was after some pointers and also a bit of motivation, because it needs some tweaking to get it up to snuff (oh how times have changed, eh?).

Now there’s a thought! :sunglasses:

Beach tended to hotlink most of his image back then. Several images were hot linked to his private Mudspike version of this website and I suspect that most of those images in those earlier threads were likely lost when this public iteration of Muspike was created. I used View page Source feature to see the image links in the two threads I researched below.

This King Air ski trip! AAR had 9 images in it and 8 of the 9 images were hotlinked to x-plane(dot)org. (Stormtrooper's avatar image)

Stormtrooper: 1484
(Initially thought it was Beach’s avatar which is why I uploaded it.)

The images in the A “semi” AAR… thread were linked to Mudspike.

- Post #1 (BeachAV8R)

- Post #2 (BeachAV8R)

- Post #6 (352_Roller)
(This image was saved at the Internet Archive. Just once in 2015 but that is enough to find it and view it.)

- Post #9 (BeachAV8R)

- Post #15 (Tim Canada)
These images are still visible but they have that extremely obtrusive Photobucket watermark on them now.

If the images in the AAR’s were hosted on Mudspike then getting them to show again would simply be a function of adding them back to the database using the correct directories. Any that were hosted on another site would require a similar commitment. Unfortunately I think the odds of anyone taking the time to do something like that is practically nil.

These are all the publicly visible threads created by Beach at SimHQ.

This is Mudspike’s Internet Archive save.
Wayback Machine**/*

Click on the red URLs button and you can search by image extension. jpg, .bmp, gif, .png, etc but unfortunately all the AAR’s I searched came up without any of the images having been saved.


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Thanks! :+1: