EgyptAir flight MS804 missing

An EgyptAir Airbus A320 with 66 people on board went missing on a flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Cairo. After 3 hours, flying at 37,000 feet, it disappeared off the radar. It had just entered Egypt airspace.


(edit… different flight number…)

Well, that’s certainly not good. Lots of radars of all types (civilian and military) in that area…so finding raw data should narrow down the search area at least…

Well sadly a portion of the wreckage was found.

CNN reporting that the debris found isnt from the plane.

Ohh I wonder what they found then ?

Not sure, but now they are reporting this morning they found the actual debris field for the crash.

Not sure what the other stuff they found was, but there is a lot of garbage floating in the oceans…