Ejection Decision

Old DOD training video that is interesting viewing.


Film is so grainy you almost feel like it should have been filmed in the 1950’s or 1960’s and not the 1980’s. Even so it is definitely worth the watch. 023


I watched it a few years ago. Pretty good one!

The one that would freak me out is the “Under water eject seat training” just an instant fail, if it was me.

I have never liked or taken well to the experience of water rushing up my nostrils, it incites panic in me instantly, I hate it. I am a good swimmer but that dunking and sudden rush of water eeeee No way. :cold_face:

Given my role in diminishing the inventory of Viggens, @Troll has insisted I not to watch the video. :wink:

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I did some involontary dunk and turn training at a tivoli, once. That kind of ride where you sit in a boat, and are released down a track with a jump out into a pool…
I felt a slight sideforce as I went off the jump and landed with a slight list, which increased rapidly. And when the boat took in water, that was that! Around I went. I had a bar across my lap, but I found the release and pulled myself out, only to hit the bottom of the pool with my head. There were maybe two inches of clearance! Got myself out and up though.
I have been free diving and scuba diving all my life, so I managed to keep my cool.

You have used up all your ejection decisions.