Ejection handles, function & wiring?

So, finally after years of procrastination, I’m getting around to putting some ‘get out of here fast’ handles on my sim seat/cockpit.
However, I’m wondering how they should be wired. On the real thing, is it enough to pull one handle, or does both handles need to be pulled in order to start the ejection? Talking A10C type seat here.

I think for security reasons, both handles need to be pulled and held for a period of a few seconds. This is among other things to minimize the risk of arm injuries/amputations.

Yes, that was my thinking at first also and makes good sense, but then I got to thinking, what if the pilot had gotten one of his arms disabled, and were unable to pull both handles?

The possibility exists but it seems extremely unlikely.

Here’s mine…

Let me know if you have questions. :slight_smile:

In the F-15C/E either handle in either seat will trigger an ejection. These things are super redundant and pretty reliable, takes a pretty good pull to activate them as well to try and prevent accidental firing, Hasn’t stopped it from happening though.

Obviously you want to do an ejection as has already been stated, crew coordinated, proper body position, and grasping both handles with a sharp pull.
However all else being equal your chances of surviving an ejection versus a crash are much higher, so it will fire with either handle regardless of anything else.

Thank you for claryfying that Klarsnow, wiring in parallel it is then! We like redundancy :sunglasses:

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