Eject! Eject! Eject!

There was a question in another thread about ejecting in VR…
Thought I’d add that it can be a pain to hit 3xCtrl-E on the keyboard, and a serious break of immersion to ditch the goggles to look at the keyboard. Remember, we want to eject, and that is normally a ASAP procedure…

So, I thought I’d make an Ejection handle…

Reinforced rubber fuel tube with plastic black and yellow braiding. A couple of extruded aluminium electronics boxes from ebay, a microswitch and 3,5mm audio jacks. Held together with magnets. Made a matching braided cable to link the handle to my ConTrollR :slight_smile:


very nice and elegant!

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Thats awesome, love the simplicity!

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Yep, that’s fantastic. Nice work @Troll :mudspike:

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Now although I love the ejection handle… what throttle is that! I looks awesome!

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Big Thumbs Up Buddy!!! I like it.

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The Troll-Ejector or Trolljector. No, no the Eject-Con-Troll.
When you make the bigtime, remember to make me your advertising exect.

Im just saying…


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It’s the ConTrollR… Never heard of it? :wink:
It’s a DIY project of mine.

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LoL! :smile:

Thanks, and I sure will. Won’t be quitting my day job any time soon though… :wink:

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Wow…that’s a beautiful piece of hardware! Not that I’d ever reach for it…


Taking orders? :see_no_evil:


Id buy one.

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I only wish i had the ability to make something like that. Excellent work. And i was especially interested in your throttle quadrant

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No! It’s totally unnecessary for most flightsimmers… :cold_sweat:

Unfortunately no… Would love to have time for production, though. :slight_smile:

I can upload some more in another thread…


That would be excellent!

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Yeah, a little “what you encountered” AAR during build and concept + what you use it for would be interesting

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That’s all well and good for the lower handle…now how about the face curtain version? :wink:

Seriously - awesome!

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When DCS:Tomcat is released…? :wink:


Well in that case you need to add the F-14 Canopy Jettison lever. :wink:

From the F-14 NAVTOPS Bold Face - Spin Recovery (what I can remember 30 years after being in VF-32):


  • Stick forward - Neutral lateral
  • Lock your harness
  • Rudder opposite the turn needles

When in a Flat Spin as signified by flat attitude and eyeballs out G forces - when passing 10,000 ft AGL:


  • Canopy Jettison
  • Command Eject

The scene from TopGun wasn’t that far off. As you are probably aware, the canopy ejection sequence for the F-14 is Canopy, RIO, and Pilot in that order.

The idea is that the slipstream will throw the canopy aft before the RIO’s seat goes. However, in a flat spin, the aircraft is descending in a flat attitude - thus no to little slipstream - the canopy goes straight up first.

The NATOPS procedure where the RIO jettisons the canopy before ejecting is designed to give the canopy an extra second or two to “get out of the way” before RIO ejects.

Unfortunately, “Goose” forgot that part. :frowning:

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In his defence, Mav did ask him to eject them both since he couldn’t reach the handles :wink:

So, there was a separate handle for ejecting the canopy? I thought that would’ve been automatic? Or was it just a safety precaution in case the auto failed?