Elite : Dangerous -Emergent Gameplay at its best!


Long story short- there’s a lot of ways to fuel your ship, boost the Frame Shift Drive and get extra Light Years to your jumps. Being a fundamentally automated system means there’s little way to mess up a jump.
Except- you still have to know what you’re doing…

In this case CMDR Macedonica got stranded in a system one single Light Year too far for his FSD.
Or is it?

Apparently the Fuel Rats are always one step ahead and prepared to embark in one of the most amazing Rescue I’ve ever read of or seen!

It takes jsut the first two pages to get to the saucy bits. :slight_smile:


That was bloody awesome…!
A true sandbox sim!
I need to try it out… After all, I helped Kickstart it and I have VR.


Heh… seems like it’s interesting to quite some people…

The 48-hour Elite Dangerous rescue mission to the edge of the galaxy | Eurogamer.net?


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Stuff like this keeps trying to sell me on the game… like it seems awesome.

But then I read about the grind of it all and I just can’t bring myself to start playing.

Depends on what your hearing. What is a grind to you?

Way to rub it in. :frowning2:

I get ya. I’m not a grinder. I hate doing the same thing 100 times to get to level 2, and another 1,000 to get to level 3. In Elite there are different ways to “grind” which reduces the monotony. Pirate hunting, bounty collection, trading, missions, community events, smuggling, assassinations, exploring, etc. I’ve yet to be bored with it, although I’ve got a long way to go still.

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In reference to the grind. The only time there is a grind is if you are the type that must have the biggest ship in the shortest amount of time. That will make the game boring for you.

This is because in elite dangerous, its not hard to find out what is the best revenue stream. So the credit crunchers that only focus on max credits per hour will do that one activity only.

So yeah, in that instance, there will be a grind. There will be boredom and you will burn out.

But if you take the universe as it is and do a multitude of stuff, you can earn good money whilst diversifying your gameplay and having fun.


That’s what makes Elite Dangerous so good for me.
It really doesn’t look like much- but there’s so many different ways to do all that you can do that really stays fresh- unless you inflict the game upon yourself.