Elite Dangerous Hauler

@Navynuke99 do you use a route planner? If so which one?

I’ll only use one if I’m trading, which hasn’t been much in quite a while (I’m planning on shooting for Elite in trading via mining, which I enjoy much more), but when I do, I’ll use Thrudd’s Trading Tool. I might see about coming back and giving Slopey’s another go in the future though, now that it also includes overlays (I watch a lot of Netflix/ Hulu on my secondary monitor when I’m exploring, trading, mining, or anything not in combat).

Im using Thrudds trading tool as well. Trading is a bit boring to be honest. But its an easy way to make money. I would love to mine. But I heard it was boring and not worth it, But that was before they added helper drones for mining.

Right now Im four jumps away from Cubeo. Once I get there I have no clue what I want to do. Ill probably trade until I can get a cobra. I want to rank up in the Empire and also get involved in the powerplay aspect.

You know, there’s a little bit more time for beta. I’ll do a little write-up on mining, maybe to give you a better sense of what it’s about than yor can get from just reading the forums.


I’d love that nuke - I know they updated the drones side of it and am looking for an excuse to try that out more.