Elite Dangerous Hauler

So I am getting back into elite. I havent played since right before Powerplay came out. Anyway, Im still in my sidewinder. I want to get to empire space from the KINI System. I have about 274K credits. Ultimatly I want to have a bounty hunting ship, a mining ship, and a Pirate ship.

Is buying a Hauler worth it right now or is there something else I should save for? Right now I want to trade and make money until I can buy my other ships and get them built. But short term is get to empire space and align with a power.

Also of note I play solo/offline so players arent any issue just NPCs.

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The progression in Elite is really up to the sort of things you like to do (shoot, trade etc). Here’s what I did and still keeping it varied (I’ll come back to edit this for more detail, but wanted to give the gist of it now).

Progression Steps For Money!

Step 1. Sidewinder bounty hunter. Get a Warrant Scanner and equip for some gimbal pulses. Go to either a High Resource Extraction site or a Nav point in a non-anarchy system and find the local police ships. Follow them around until they (inevitably) find a smuggler. Join in the fight, unless the system police look hopefully outgunned (more usually turn up). Anyone around even before the fight, scan and if ‘Wanted’ then make sure you do your KWS scan for extra money. If fighting a biggie, just sort of skirt the fight but still join in a bit, just don’t get blown up until you can upgrade a few things in the base sidey. You’ll make good bounty money this way.

Step 2. Once you have enough for a Cobra MkIII with a good jump range do some ‘rares’ trading. This is really a combination of long haul small cargo stuff and is fun for a few loops as it is a way of exploring. Rares are high value, um, rare goods that spawn at a very limited rate but are worth a lot of money but only if you transport them 150ly at least (as in their sell value goes up the further from origin). To max out this you fly a loop with two hubs and go back and forth getting a lot of money relatively quickly, usually about 1 million every 45 mins or so. Remember, you just need to go fast and large jump distances with the Cobra, so fit it out with cargo pods and (if feeling greedy/brave) no sheilds and no weapons - you can just run and go!

Have a google, or use this route map. Find out from where you are if you start top or bottom, or just make your way over to any of the steps. The bold black route is the easiest or depending on how much cargo space you have (do max it out though).

Quick Key: Buy at the hollow circles, sells on the $ circles, otherwise get jumping with my tip being never wait for rares, just dock and go!

Step 3. You should now be rich. The choice now is either to go mining, bounty hunting or traditional trading for more money. For mining a Type 6 is good to play with, for hunting the Vulture is worth saving up for. For trading, a type 6 or even hauler steps are fine, and with ‘slave trading’ producing the most money (not that I’ve ever done that, but hey…).

Step 4. If you get tired of money and have tried trading (two system bulk stuff makes huge amounts with a large ship but can be dull after months :slight_smile: ) then check out exploration. An Asp could get you to the center of the Milky Way, plus you scan as you go and make money on your return for the scan data. The repair robots pretty much mean you don’t need to see civ space for a long time if that’s your thing.

Alternatively, check out the community events - Frontier seems to be loading them with ‘making money’ recently, so if the grind gets a bit much then they are worth the distraction. The recent Horizons update seems to also increase the return of missions, so also feel free to ignore all the above and just take the missions early on, it’ll certainly get you to step 3 as well.

Note: I’m no expert on this, I think people like @Navynuke99 are way ahead of the game than me.

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The Hauler is a good little ship, and actually can do quite well as a trader from what I’ve heard- small landing pad capable + pretty good jump range. You’ll want to trade up from that as quickly as possible though, since the single hardpoint means you’re not going to be able to fight off many other ships. If you’re not against using online tools to find good trade routes, Thrudd’s or some of the other databases can help you maximize your income. Just make sure you spring for top of the line thrusters and power distributor so you can run away as needed from anything bigger than you that may attempt interdictions (last I heard, NPC interdictions are crazy again). I’m still exploring, and haven’t run into any in the beta, so I can’t confirm this.

For smaller ships, the Diamondback Scout is amazing for dogfighting/ bounty hunting if you don’t have the cash for a Vulture right away, the Cobra and Type 6 are excellent miners (the T-6 you’ll want to stay in quiet systems- I know a few), and the Cobra and Clipper are popular pirate ships. You’ll have a ways to go before you can get in a Clipper though.

Any other questions, just let me know!

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Thanks guys! @fearlessfrog I need to read that post again lol

@Navynuke99 I planned on getting 2 cobras, One for mining and one for pirating. Or should I just get one cobra and swap modules. I think my pirate cobra was 1.5 mill or something. I think for bounty hunting I was going with Viper, I dont have my notes handy right now. :wink:

Like I sai dI think right now I want to get into empire space so I need a cheap explorer ship and was looking at a hauler so i could make money. I use Thrudds which is a ton better then doing it myself lol!

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I’m a big fan of swapping modules between a single spaceframe- just make sure you base yourself in a system with all the equipment you need, so you don’t have to jump around a lot to refit your ship. Also, if you’re looking for cheap explorers, I know of several folk who have used a Hauler for that. You won’t be able to pick up anything you find along the way unless you’re willing to run shieldless, but a carefully outfitted Hauler can jump a little over 25 light years- plenty far enough to make it to the core and back, and explore a lot of the bigger nebulae and other popular tourist spots.

I haven’t played around with the Viper at all, but I think I’ll do a bit of that when I get back to the bubble.

i figure a hauler fit with a scanner and a good FSD will make money just from the scanning during a trip. One of the little things i dont like is the module swapping. I wish I could have a garage to keep all the modules in.

Rght now I just want to get out of Kini and to empire space at least and then find a good base and settle down.

So a hauler will probably be the best bet.

You’re probably not going to make more than a few thousand credits tops, unless you’re talking both Discovery Scanner and Detailed Surface Scanner. And you can’t sell system data unless you’re more than I think 20 light years from the source. Just things to keep in mind. :smile:

But as you’re transiting from Federation to Imperial space, you can definitely make a little bit of scratch. :smile:

forgot about the other scanners. I was just thinking I could make a bit of maoney on the way so its not a total loss.

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Also hop on Thrudd’s and see if you can’t at least make a trade run out of it. :slight_smile: I’m a big fan of doing that if I’m moving from one station to another.

@Navynuke99 did you ever get must use out of Slopey’s?


I had a look but never really got into it. Was wondering if the data was any good, or even if you used it (I know some players don’t like to, which is cool).

I plan on it once I figure out where Im headed. Probably map that out tonight. Or at least find a station with a hauler in it.

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@fearlessfrog, I’ve only played around with Slopey’s a very little bit, and it’s been months. I seem to remember having some sync issues where I wasn’t getting the most accurate updates on commodity locations and prices. As soon as I started exploring, I switched over to Captain’s Log, since it overlays right on top of my main monitor. Makes it much more convenient to watch tv shows/ movies on my secondary monitor since I don’t have to constanatly alt-tab back and forth.

Oo - I hadn’t seen this, thanks!


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Just be forewarned, it’s only really good for tracking system’s you’ve traveled to, and taking notes. And IIRC, it doesn’t link up with any of the star mapping stuff with generating coordinates, etc. Unless you manually input them yourself by triangulating from the galaxy map. But that’s time consuming, and I usually can’t be bothered. I’m already doing well enough dawdling through this trip without help (I’ve been out for 4.5 months now, and I’m only halfway to Sag A*).


Random quick question or two. Horizions comes out mid Dec or is that jsut the beta? I want horizion but not sure I want to pay almost 80 dollars for it. And secondly for planetary landings can all ships do them or only certian ones?

Beta is out now- and it’s amazing. I’ve only taken a handful of screenshots, as I’m still learning how not to die. The full release is supposed to be later in December from what I understand, when all the bug smashing is done.

As for planetary landings, all ships can do it, but they need to be outfitted with a “Planetary landing suite.” My beta save had me in a nebula a few thousand light years back, and my T-6 didn’t have the landing suite installed, so I self-destructed and started back at my point of origin. Switched to my Clipper, went into outfitting, added the planetary landing suite (I have a screenshot of that- I’ll post it this evening), then added the SRV hangar thingy too.

Another big issue is not all ships can (easily) land on all planets. From what I’m reading and seeing, there’s going to be differences in gravity, seen by doing a detailed surface scan of a body. Bigger ships are going to have a much harder time landing/ taking off from planets and moons with higher gravity.

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Sweet! I havent look into planetary landsing much but is there any money to be made or is it just landing and walking around?

Want to see those please! I’ve been too busy on that NTTR download stuff to get it started yet.

You do get $15 back as a base game owner, so there’s that.

If you land at stations, there are bulletin boards with missions available, and I believe farther out, there are things to find and explore. In addition, there are minerals and materials that can be recovered via SRV for crafting things like the FSD boosters, raw materials for the AMFU’s, and I think even fuel for your SRV.

@fearlessfrog I’ll post up the pics when I get home. The dog’s been at the vet all day with surgery, so depending on how involved her after-care is, it might be a couple more hours before I can load those pics. But I’ll get them up tonight.

True but i think the non beta version is 50 and i get 10 back i think. So since its almost released why pay extra for a beta