Elite Dangerous Power Play Update Released

Out of beta, although the servers have just all died, but that’ll subside soon I guess…

Nice summary here:


Video intro:

Previous AAR intro thread here:

SWEET!!! I was just about to play some elite but I guess its download time!

Cant wait! Hope you get the AAR chance Frog.

So - for the uninformed (I’ve gotten a couple dozen Elite Update e-mails, but haven’t had a chance to read them) - Elite has been out of beta now for awhile right? I can’t access that link up there (blocked at work)…so is this something they threw into the mix or was it planned all along? How many factions are there? I’ll read up on it when I get home… Looks interesting! My ship is getting dusty in some hangar in the virtual universe. I’d love to go co-op flying sometime so somebody can show me the ropes…

A few - here’s the nice training video that walks through it nicely:

Do the ‘add friend’ thing when you start it up, I’m CMDR fearlessfrog (and that goes for anyone else wanting some friendly coop too - feel free to add). We can do a ‘private group’ thing that just allows us to fly coop and just fight AI without other humans, which is a nice start rather than getting ganked by someone with a $4E24 giant ship in your first 15 seconds of play…

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Man, I’m having no luck in connections to this game since update. Considering I play ‘offline’ (heh) it’s a pain. I’ll try again tomorrow. (shakes tiny green fist at internet)

I played this quite a bit in the final beta stages and early in it’s full release. Was planning on getting into it again after the powerplay update, but I can’t update the game. The launcher just claims a network error and update is aborted. I suppose a re-install would be the way to go, but since I’m currently trying to tame the Hog in DCS I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.