Elite Dangerous - Sothis Run?

So I heard that stacking smuggling missions at Sothis is a ‘get rich quick’ thing. Anyone done this and have the details? How does it work?

I’m planning on spending some time in the ol’ Cobra the next couple of nights and wanted the insider info of this scheme before it gets nerfed! :money_mouth:


Did a little smuggling and cargo running out of Sothis at the beginning of Horizons.

My only advice is, whatever you do, don’t accept any smuggling mission which says “information will be available when you arrive in Ceos”. These are just a long-haul cargo missions in drag, with the added bonus of possibly getting blown up at the end of it.

Otherwise it’s good earning because Sothis is so remote. Something to note; a typical hauling round trip will take around an hour, so it becomes something of a time sponge. Also I was running an Asp Explorer at that point so your experience in a Cobra will probably vary.

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There are or used to be a few systems where you could get very good money smuggling. Sothis was popular as it had sort routes. Yes you can make lots of money.

Get in before the nerf

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I can’t help on this since I never moved away from home more than 250 Ly :wink:

I found bounty hunting community goals a good way to get lots of credits with very little effort. Got 10M for 1.5 hours on the last one …

If you don’t play often this would be my recommendation.

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I did do one and it was great for the money. I just need to notice them better, as in once I try to look often they have finished. :slight_smile:

I might be interested in joining up with you, @fearlessfrog. I’ll have to check to see how far I am from Sothis.

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Um, I might be a little late.

Had to take a little detour to get to a system with a scoopable star, but I’ve made a dent in the travel.

It’s been pretty sparse along the way - reminds me of driving along most of I-10. Nothing but fuel stations and the occasional mine.

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