Elite Dangerous - Type 10 Showroom Pics

A new ship in Elite Dangerous, so some quick screens to shares:

Ok, 110 million is quite a lot for a souped up space cow…

Well, it’s only money. Plus I love that ‘new ship’ smell. Wow, look at the view - very Lakon in design.

Such huge views. Very nice!

Let’s see what she’s got under the hood…

Oh my, that default jump range is poor. Engineers are going to be busy.

Just a level 6 power distributor slot. A bit odd, but I think they want it to be an AX weapons only platform and keep off the territory of the ‘Big 3’.

Lots and lots of slots…

Nice large weapon slots though.

It’s got big bones but cuts a noble outline.

Obviously similar to the Type 9 in size.

So many engines. A bit of a Falcon Heavy vibe. With that spoiler you’d think we’d go fast…

I love this view. Would make a nice Explorer if it wasn’t so bovine.

A shot of the rear escape door, for human scale.

So overall, pretty nice. It’ll take another 100 million or so to make it flyable. It is something that really needs engineering upgrades to be useful.


Looks good but is it worth giving up an Anaconda for? :smiley:


I think they really don’t want to upset the apple cart in making new things displace existing (expensive) ships. I personally would have liked the Type-9 to actually hold way more cargo than something like an Anaconda, to make it a really obvious ‘bulk trading’ end game. Make stand-out ‘role’ ships better, as in a pure mining ship etc. They seem really cautious though. Will be interesting to see the Krait, which I think is up next?

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Yeah will be interesting to see what some dedicated builds people come up with for this new T10, yeah looking forward to the Krait, was pretty sleek looking too.

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