Elite: Dangerous - updates!


ok Elite is 7.50 on steam sale. Will this version be everything I need to get started, or should I get the $23 one with horizons season pass?


I think landing on planets (which is in Horizons) is pretty much essential to having a good time, so personally I would go the $23 route.


Plus if you get Horizon also the whole next year worth of content is free.


Next round of station attacks have happened, including the station my Python is docked at. I’ll get some rescue screen shots tonight if I can.


well i installed, literally have zero clue what to do or how. Looks like it will take a significant time investment… Good thing I dont have work.


There is certainly lots to do, I sort of envy you as a new player. Huge haul of info in here:

The game is essentially what you want to make it. Generally you find different things you like, make a bit of money and then update to another ship. Either than or just fight, bounty hunt, explore, mine or trade.

If you play in ‘Open’ you’ll probably get ‘ganked’ (kill for no reason by another human) but generally people are ok. If you want to just learn the ropes stay in ‘Solo’ for now. Just remember to fly with enough money left for insurance.

If you’re interested we could start an ‘Elite Dangerous Tips & Tricks Thread’ as a few of us have played for a while.


Pull up the missions and grab one or two, And then fly! once you get to the mission destination, assuming its a delivery, take another and keep going, You’ll have money in no time,


Don’t forget to stop by this thead too!


And never ever fly without insurance.


Be prepared for rigorous law enforcement in stations and ressource extraction sites. Especially when you employ weapons. They tend to dish out death sentences without much of a warning :wink:


Elite requires a certain type of player. A self starter. A sandboxer.

I don’t think I do credit to myself by admitting that I am neither of those things and grew to really hate the game. Maybe I was hoping for a more beautiful KSP in VR.


Third Season of content incoming for Elite Dangerous.
BEYOND will be free of charge for all Horizon owners.

For details read on…

Greetings commanders,

At Frontier Expo 2017, we revealed the first details of season 3 of Elite Dangerous, called Elite Dangerous: Beyond – you can watch back the announcements here.

Throughout 2018 we’re bringing four Beyond updates to Elite Dangerous Commanders which focus on adding new content, uncovering and progressing the mysteries of the galaxy and enhancing existing core gameplay experiences. These updates will consist of a number of additions with the first update detailed below, followed by two smaller content updates through the year and our largest update coming in Q4. Each update will be a new Chapter in the Elite Dangerous: Beyond season.

Today we’re pleased to announce that you’ll be able to test Chapter 1 of the series in the open beta coming to all PC Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons players on Thursday 25 January!

As always we welcome your feedback in our dedicated feedback livestreams, and on the beta and bug report forums. These beta tests have always been an incredibly useful and valuable part of development, and Beyond Chapter 1 will be no exception. Because of the huge number of core feature enhancements, the introduction of a new ship, and other numerous additions and improvements, we want to be sure that as many of you are able to experience and test the beta first-hand, for that reason we have decided to open this beta to all players of Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons on PC.

We’ll publish a full list of changes on beta launch day, but come along to our content livestreams on Tuesday 16 January at 7PM GMT and Thursday 18 January at 7PM GMT for a closer look at everything in this update. In the meantime, you can see a short summary of some of the features below.

New Ship: Chieftain
Elite Dangerous Horizons Commanders will also be able to take to the stars in the new Alliance Chieftain, designed not only to dish out punishment, but to avoid it. Manufactured by Lakon Spaceways, the Chieftain is more maneuverable than ships of similar size and weight, and its combat profile means it can more than hold its own in a fight.

Improved Core Mechanics
Chapter 1 of Beyond will bring improvements to some of Elite Dangerous’ core mechanics, including accessibility enhancements to the engineering mechanics, an overhaul of mission rewards and big changes to crime and punishment. We’ll be sharing more information on the changes to Crime and Punishment, and the Engineers in a future post here on the forums and in the livestreams mentioned above.

Wing Missions
Chapter 1 of Beyond will give you the chance to take on wing missions with your fellow Commanders, sharing both the efforts and rewards.

Revised Trade Data
Commanders will now be able to access trade data from systems they have previously visited, in order to make more informed decisions when shipping goods across the Milky Way.

Planetary Visual Improvements
Chapter 1 also includes the first of the planetary visual improvements coming as part of the Beyond series of updates (with more surface level improvements coming later in the year) bringing a new vibrancy to the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

GalNet Audio
With the introduction of GalNet Audio, you will be able to catch up on the latest news from across the galaxy without ever leaving the action.

You can find the beta details below:

• When? 25 January 2018
• Who? This beta is open to everyone on PC and Mac

The beta includes new content, changes and improvements for both Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous Horizons players. In order to access all of the content, you will require Elite Dangerous Horizons.


Some info about the upcoming update from the mouth of the horse.

Here’s the transcript, of sort. It starts at about 32 minutes.


  • The Chieftain is reasonably affordable
  • Hardpoints: 2 Large, 1 medium and 3 small (subject to change)
  • It’s a medium ship, bigger than the Asp Explorer
  • Alliance ship
  • No rank lock
  • More maneuverable than you expect

Trade Data

  • When you visit a system and anywhere where you’ve explored, you can access that data and it will be updated in real time.
  • You can see it on the galaxy map and in the market.
  • There’s a search function based on where you previously visited.
  • You can filter the data.

Wing Missions

  • Share the rewards and challenge of missions.
  • You can take wing missions as a solo player too.
  • Missions can be completed in part. You can half of it, log off and do the second part the next day.
  • In your wing if each player has 1 wing mission then everyone shares all the missions.

Crime & Punishment

  • Sandro will explain the changes during the live stream.

The core changes will be beneficial to new players and veterans.

Planetary Visual Improvements

  • There’s more vibrancy and diversity on each planet with different shades of color.
  • You can better see the history and geography from far away
  • Form a distance you should be able to tell the surface type.
  • You can look from a distance and get a better indication of types of minerals.

The base game gets Planetary Improvements, Crime & Punishment, Wing Missions and maybe more things.


I like what they showed during the stream today. Looking forward to the next two streams about this update.


I did lose the stream, work in the family and all, but I really read great things. As soon as it’s uploaded I’ll be all over it.


Looking forward to it! Got completely sucked back into E:D…



Another one of the changes coming to this Chapter is the revisions to Crime and Punishment, introducing crimes attached to ships, bounty changes and detention centers. More details can be found below:

‘Hot’ Ships

  • Crimes are attached to ships which cause them to become ‘hot.’
  • Ships that are ‘hot’ have to connect to Starport services anonymously which limits their access to certain services.
  • Fines can be paid off at security contacts, but Bounties must be paid off using the Interstellar Factors.

Why we are making these changes:

  • Attaching crimes to ships allows provides more options for criminals. They can swap and store hot ships to avoid being wanted, but at reasonable cost (…which is that they’re not using the hot ship).
  • It also neatly closes off loopholes where Commanders would switch to cheap or free ships before allowing themselves to be detected and possibly destroyed.
  • This flexibility allows us to safely increase consequences for criminals: if the criminal continues to use a hot ship they may have to travel farther to find the port services they need.

Bounties and Notoriety

  • Fines no longer mature into bounties.
  • Bounties are no longer dormant.
  • Murder bounties are being revamped to include the following:
  • A fraction of the perpetrator’s rebuy cost.
  • A fraction of the victim’s rebuy cost.

Commanders will have a ‘Notoriety’ level:

  • It increases with each murder crime
  • It increases the rebuy cost fractions for both perp and victim
  • The victim’s rebuy cost is reduced by this amount
  • It decreases when a Commander is brought to justice.

We are introducing ‘Power bounties,’ which only apply to ‘Power’ crimes

  • Power bounties replace normal crimes for Power activities
  • Power bounties can only be seen and claimed by appropriately pledged ships
  • Power bounties do not follow the crime flow

Why we are making these changes:

  • A reduction in crime states helps increase legibility.
  • We felt the bounties for murder, in general, were a little too low.
  • We feel its fairer that the perpetrator should shoulder some of the victim’s debt.
  • Notoriety ensures that some of the risks of crime cannot simply be shaken off by changing one’s ship.
  • Power bounties allow us to have consensual PvP without unduly punishing those involved.

Interstellar Bounties

  • Superpowers will issue Interstellar bounties against Commanders that continually transgress against factions aligned with them.
  • An Interstellar bounty is issued once the credit value for all appropriate bounties and fines breaches a certain threshold.
  • Interstellar bounties are valid in every jurisdiction controlled by a faction aligned with the superpower.

Why we are making these changes:

  • We used to have these interstellar bounties in early Elite Dangerous and believe they add another level of consequences for serial criminals and help demarcate the superpower’s areas of influence.


  • When criminals repeatedly commit crimes in sucession, they will eventually draw the attention of special authority ships: the Advanced Tactical Response.
  • These are powerful enough to pose a real threat to any ships Commanders have, though they will not insta-kill you.

Why we are making these changes:

  • The ATR exist to prevent commanders from operating above the law and act as a soft cap on criminal activities.

Detention Centres and Respawning

  • When a criminal is detected and destroyed they respawn at the nearest appropriate ‘Detention Centre.’
  • At a detention centre a Commander must pay for crimes committed in the jurisdiction where they were destroyed.
  • Leaving a detention centre a Commander is safe from other Commanders until engage their FSD.
  • There are Superpower detention centres for Commanders with Interstellar bounties.
  • Ships that are destroyed unrelated to crime will respawn at the nearest and safest Starport in the system if possible, reverting to the last port docked if not.

Why we are making these changes:

  • This change allows us to guarantee that when the authorities or bounty hunters are successful, the criminal must pay for their crimes.
  • The concept of respawning at ports within a system is less punishing and more contextually sound.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Kill Warrant Scanner will reveal the single largest bounty.

For more details about Crime and Punishment revisions, check here: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?t=742&v=4ocPr8DlBQs


One of the new additions to Elite Dangerous in Chapter One of the Beyond updates is the introduction of wing missions. These are missions designed to be shared by up to four players. It’s one of the most requested mission features and we are excited to take out first steps into multiplayer missions.

On the stream tonight we showcased one of the wing missions players will be able to test in the beta: a wing delivery mission. This mission requires the player, and his wingmates, to deliver a large quantity of cargo units from one station to another.

  • In order to accept the mission, one member of the wing needs to access the mission board and select a wing mission, which are denoted by a special icon.
  • Once accepted, the player who took the mission can share it by clicking the share button on the mission’s entry, located in the ‘Transactions’ panel. Doing so sends the player’s wingmates an inbox message and adds the mission to their own Transactions panel.
  • The wingmates can choose to then either accept or decline the mission invite in the Transactions panel.
  • Important to note: each player can only share one mission at a time, this means that with a maximum of four players in a wing, players can be part of up to a maximum of four active wing missions at any given time.

In the case of a wing delivery mission, players will be charged with transporting large quantities of goods from point A to point B. Previously, when taking a delivery mission, all the cargo would be placed into the player’s hold for them to deliver. However, as we are now dealing with larger quantities and missions involving multiple players, this added a new development challenge; we needed to add a way for players to collect and deliver part of the mission’s total required cargo. In order to facilitate this, we introduced the ‘mission depot,’ which allows members of a wing to collect and deliver any amount of cargo that they require for the mission.

The mission is completed when all the cargo has been delivered and each member of the wing is then able to collect their rewards.

  • All players who are members of the wing at the point that the mission is completed are eligible for the mission rewards.
  • Every member of the wing receives the same reward choices for completing the mission.
  • Wing missions are also using the new mission reward system, which provides players with three different, and roughly equivalent, reward packages allowing each player to choose which set of rewards they wish to claim. One of these reward packages will always be a credit based reward package.


I like where they are going with the new crime system. Will see how it pans out tho. Regardless, I aint touching ‘open’ with a bargepole.


Guess who is very vocally claiming the “death of Elite” in the official forums?
Uhm— :thinking: What’s the word… Griefers?


I used to play Eve-O back in the day. I do not want to go anywhere near people who speak of me as a “carebear” ever again, unless they dare do it from within punching range.

Frack that pvp mentality. Done with it. https://forum.quartertothree.com/t/why-are-so-many-online-gamers-sociopathic-assholes/133442/141 <- one of the solutions? Just don’t engage with the little shits.

For me it’s mobius private group if I want to see other people, and private group schurem if I don’t. Y’all are free to hit me up with an in-game friend request and come fly with me in the Mighty Anaconda as a gunner or fighter driver.