Elite Dangerous Thread

Ok, I’m surprised we’ve gone this long without a thread about Elite Dangerous.

So… I’ll kick it off.

I played it a lot in beta and then after release but I stopped for several months. A lot has changed since then and I’m loving it. Horizons adds some pretty cool stuff as well.


Who’s got it and what’s your in game name?

Where are you? (Note whether that’s a temporary location or base of operations)

What ships do you fly?

What do you spend most of your time doing?

To start with answering my own questions, my name in game is Jim Bandit.

Currently I’m hanging around LTT 15575, but I plan on making a trek towards Maia fairly soon. I want to check out the barnacles and there’s supposed to be some pretty good (illegal) cargo run missions out that way.

My primary ship is the trusty Viper. Love the thing but looking to upgrade to a Vulture soon. I’ve got a Type 6 as well but I’ll probably sell that before I leave for Maia. I do also have a free Viper Mk IV laying around somewhere but I don’t know how I’d retrieve it. Sure would be nice if you could pay to have ships delivered to you.

I spend most of my time bounty hunting or doing bulletin board cargo missions.

For what it’s worth, I do spend most of my time running in private group mode. I have enough problems with AI interdiction trolls, I don’t need live ones as well. Feel free to add me in game and I’ve got a small private group under the same name.

I’m still out of town at the moment but hoping to get some time online sometime this weekend or next week.


And because, you know, everything is better with pictures.


i have it, same name in game. Its a very good sandbox.

I’m Nuke Dukem in game, still slowly making my way back from the core in my T6 Explorer, the Wanderbus.

‘fearlessfrog’ in game. Sort of lost interest in it, mainly because it needs a fair bit of time to play and make money. Keep planning on getting back into it, but then life happens. :smile:

Same here, I want to get into it, but looks like a decent time investment, and I am only working with 24 hours in the day, and I am already using 28 of those :smile:

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Hah, I understand that dilemma. It’s not exactly the kind of game you can pick up for 20 minutes and really get anything done.

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I totally love the idea of this game and have the base package game from when it came out, logged on to steam recently and got a Nag to say last chance to buy new DLC for this a bit cheaper :slight_smile: I’ll resist this time.

I’ve pre-ordered one of the new Oculus Rift final ver sets and this gear is supposed to be superb in this game, if that proves to be true I can guess this game will really want to take off and I’ll buy any DLC then :smile:

Just keeping tabs on it just now, it looks interesting though.

My current dilemma as an explorer is that I’ve run out of stuff to watch on Netflix while I’m scanning and jumping. I’m open to suggestions though…

On the newsletter today, I saw the DLC update steps:

2.1 – The Engineers
Coming Spring 2016
Everything changes. Introducing an expanded mission system and game-changing loot. Craft exotic weapons and modules for your spacecraft and build a ship unlike any other.

2.2 – Guardians
Coming Summer 2016
Take what comes and strike back with double. Bring a second ship to every combat encounter with Ship-Launched Fighters and defend your passengers against the deadliest threats in the galaxy.

2.3 – The Commanders
Coming Fall 2016
Team up and stand together. Forge your own identity with the new Commander Creator, then share your bridge with Multi-Crew and fly with friends.

2.4 – ???
A secret to be revealed in Elite Dangerous: Horizons’ final expansion!

So personally I’d be keen to jump in on the 2.3 - The Commanders update, as in multi-crew sounds great. @BeachAV8R did keep on saying he would wing up one day too, but you know what he’s like… :wink:

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I am really waiting for the next full expansion to bring the atmospheric planet landing but I have been disappointed with the way Frontier have made recently been taking the easy road - landing on moons is a bit dull because it almost the same as landing on small stations and I would not be surprised if they mess up the atmospheric planets as well. And several of the recent ships are versions of existing ones.

They are gradually, slowly making the game better but its not a full game for me yet there are many areas that are a bit sparse on the gameplay. I liked the Frontier anf FFE games they made but this game hasnt got me as interested. Having said that I have spent a lot of time playing it since Standard Beta so I am probably just a bit burned out and will probably get back to it in a years time or something.

So far its not wowed me as much as I would have liked I think its fair to say.

Im somwhere in the milky way…Game client is updating to 64 bit as I speak. I havent been in my Hauler in months.

I love this game, Its relaxing, I play in solo mode.

I havent got the DLC expansion yet…I will though only because planetary landings sound awesome. Also all the upcoming stuff is cool too.

Right now my main goal is to get a mining ship, I think I was going for a cobra.

Overall game gaol for me is to be a miner/pirate/bounty hunter.

Anyway once I get in game and remeber where the hell I am I will post it.

I’m almost back into the bubble. Not sure what I’m going to do when I get back, since it’s been so very, very long since I’ve been in occupied space.

I read today that the 2.1 mission makeover and the ‘The Engineers’ crafting bits got pushed till June now.

I’m a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to that (missions could be so much better, as it all feels too procedural with that Wedding Barge et al) but c’est la vie. I did the last two community goals and lucked out on those (the Salvage one was crazy, as in just used it to play with limpets for the first time and got 6 mil out of it for about 10 mins effort).

Last time I flew I was going to a system which was home to one of the powerplay factions, I think it was the chick with blue hair…Anyway powerplay confussed me so I decided to do something else…AKA X Plane lol

Is The horizons season pass work getting for planetary landings? I saw a video and the SRV lools cool. But I dont want to get it if the SRV and planets have no point.

The landings are ‘neat’ but personally I did lose interest pretty quickly. On a technical level the view on the way down is great, and the driving around fun - but once I had done two or three planets then it started to feel a bit samey. The best bit is really seeing your own ship look so big as you drive around it.

On retrospect I probably should have waited till the pass was on sale, but then again, I really wanted to see what it was like (the free flying sci-fi dream), so not exactly money wasted…

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@weaponz248 i wouldn’t say the landings are not worth it, but instead a variable of extra gameplay that depends on what you like.

Its a sandbox game and some people get disheartened or say no contentis there as there is no rail-roaded or scripted path. The same reason some people didnt like the x series space games (x abortion aside) outside of the campaign because it was so sandbox.

For me personally, i think planetary landing offer a huge amount to the game. I love the feeling of sitting on a planet(oid), then having that lonely vulnerable spasm wash over you as your ship departs leaving you on the surface of the planet.

I enjoy the varied landscapes of different planets, i enjoy landing on difficult planets (try to land on a 10g + planet without dying). I enjoy hunting down areas of interest then plonking down and hunting with the srv wave scanner (i have a good tutorial for that). I also enjoy exploring planetary installations and the mini games they hold within.

I also just love landing on a planet and watching close asteroids or nearby celestial bodies make the most amazing backdrop. I like to look up at the sky and see a distant nebula and think, “you know what, i can go there if i want”

But its a sandbox, so if you are not into using roleplay with some fantasy soaked imagination then yes, you probably won’t see much use out of it.

Of course there is resource collecting on planets, and that can be one reason to go, but at the moment, its not really needed. If they flesh out the market system of the game, then this would be much more important.

But i like it. For me it really adds to the immersion of being on space. But mileage will vary from user to user.

also don’t forget that aside from the space artefacts, planets surfaces are the first place we have found alien structures offering strange collectable resources of unknown benefit.

So, all i can say is check out the you tube vids and decide if it sparks that side of your brain. If so, get it. If not, then wait a year for the next season update which will include all previous updates and save a few dollars in the mean time. It certainly wont stop you making money and getting bigger ship not having planetary landings.


Thanks to both you guys( @fearlessfrog and @Bogusheadbox) I went ahead and got the season pass. NOw my next question is this,

I completely forgot how to outfit a ship!!!

In the picture below, is my hauler ready for planetery landings???

Only reason I ask is I went to the outfitting menu and this came up. Is this what my ship has or what I can buy.