Elite: Dangerous - updates!


It’s so so. It’s a type 6 with better weapon mounts. I love my keelback and it fits my “listless rogue amongst the stars” playstyle, but it’s good at several things but not great at anything.


I wish then did rentals in Elite. I would try out lots of the ships that way. As there is a credit economy already it would be hilarious to be able to get collision damage waivers insurance. For the big ships it would be worth a splurge just to rent one for the day or something. We need a Space Hertz!


That’s actually the Beta- ships and stuff cost about a tenth of their normal cost, and since it’s going to get wiped at the end of each beta anyway, it’s a great way to test out new ships each time.


Well, you can resell whatever ship you buy and ride till exhausted for basically no loss…
I don’t think rental can get much cheaper.

Ah, well ok- you need the cash up-front, with a rental you wouldn’t need it. I see your point now.
Yeah, Beta is the way, then.


Never bought it, sorry. : /

I do like it- also can carry a Fighter! so it IS nice!


Several stations attacekd by Thargoids, rescue ships are needed as evacuation protocol is under way.
Report to the Pleiades Nebula ASAP with Ships able to fit Cabins.

One of the thread about it wiht some interesting tips.


Another Point of View.


Recommend either going in heavily shielded or running in Mobius or Solo- many reports of wings of heavily engineered ships sitting outside the station and firing on rescue ships.

Also, take heat sinks- it’s… warm there.


Oh, yeah- good call!
In these cases I’m running Solo.


Ahhh let the new overlords have them… Screw the Pleiadas Nebulans, long live our Thargoid rulers!!


New spaceship released.
To counter the Thargoid menace, Lakon Spaceways teamed up with Alliance vertices to create something capable of offering a better alternative to current ships to bring back the battle to the 'Xenos.


Available now at high tech Alliance systems. Going for 110 million spacebucks at Jamison Memorial.


Not really interested.

Hoping that base game play will improve instead of adding tougher enemies for you to buy tougher ships just to keep the grind alive.

Its time to add some depth to the wide but very shallow river that elite is.

The potential is screamingly obvious


I guess you missed the announcement for next year content… (which is going to be free for everyone who has Horizon).

Let me find it…


I want one, strictly for the purpose of revenge against, er, protecting against trolls and griefers.


Ooh, that looks nice and chunky. Will try one out soon and mini AAR it, as I’m parked up at Jameson.


And have that kind of cash for it? Nice! Let me know if you need a gunner.


Either i missed it, or i just plain forgot it… you know alcohol and all.


ok Elite is 7.50 on steam sale. Will this version be everything I need to get started, or should I get the $23 one with horizons season pass?


I think landing on planets (which is in Horizons) is pretty much essential to having a good time, so personally I would go the $23 route.