Elite: Dangerous - updates!


Ah, nice guess. I’ll check it.


Nope - had more issues with it on planetary scan jobs and the double text came up with normal mission messages (no updates). There is a also an issue with messages not having any title at all - and they are generally difficult to access, but turn out to be normal mission stuff.

I also had an issue with the actual scan missions. I know they have fixed the bug where you would get two or more missions at the same place on a planet - but I had two scan missions in one system. I completed one job, then went back into orbit, to find that the second job was on the same planet.
So I went back down and was actually directed to exactly the same building complex and beacon as the previous job - and I was able to scan it and got the message the scan had been successful.
The problem was that, despite this, the job is not being recognised as completed. It’s just sitting in my tasks list and I can’t finish it.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the fix and this problem are related.


This is one good guess.


I managed to get it completed on the third visit :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s another one from just now - with most of the messages messed up:


When the message title is highlighted, it becomes clear.


Also is it me or have they upped combat difficulty … the AI seem to be far more capable than they used to be …


I’m not fighting them atm. When I went over to Wu Guinagi to do my imperial ranking up, having submitted to every interdiction attempt in the CG and won every fight, when I tried the same in Wu Guinagi, it got very expensive. Lost two Pythons (at 4.4 million rebuy each) and two Asps (1.1 mill).

I wasn’t sure if they had changed things, server side, or if it was due to my recent “promotion” to Novice in combat. Maybe it was a server side tweak after all. I haven’t tried to find out since.


Ouch, that’s an expensive rebuy! What do you have in your Asp? My rebuy was only half a million when I crashed a few days ago.


was doing a standard data mission, and got the "someone is after you message " thing … I got interdicted and submitted ( i was in an A rated fed assault ship) next thing i know shields gone and taking damage and goodnight and it was another fed assault ship, in the past I have never had a problem dealing with an NPC in the same ship even if they are higher rank


Well, Murph, I have just got out of the local RES (standard) and I was able to take out the first 4 highly-ranked AI reprobates I came across. Maybe it has something to do with where you are.

Just seems strange that it was pretty easy in the CG area, hard in the well-known ranking-up area, and then relatively easy again out here at Colonia. They weren’t as easy as in the CG - all of them took a bit longer - but I killed them with my class 2 multi-cannon alone. Can’t hit a damned thing with that fixed plasma accelerator and rail gun! :roll_eyes:

@Navynuke99 - it is pretty well kitted-out. It’s my No.1 ship. Multiple-engineered, too. FSD to level 4 and clean drive, too. Advanced scanner is also multi-stage engineered. Then there’s the detailed surface scanner. I suppose it all adds up.


I’m so looking forward to getting my Asp engineered up when I get back…


Unfortunately the AI have always had access to ship abilities that humans don’t. Especially the magical “i can match your top speed with boost whilst going backwards so i can still full frontal you with my weapons”



Servers are down. FD are aware and ‘looking into it’

I was mid-mission when it went down :frowning:


Damn thargoids got them!


OMGOMGOMG! IO know it’s only me being excited for this but LOOK!


And remember all pieces can be combined between sets!
Imma making the Aliens DROPSHIP Out of my T-6!



I tried. I really did. I just didn’t like the game despite all it’s VR prettiness. So I decided to do something useful. Learn a skill. Play with purpose. Become a miner! I spent hours on redit learning the craft. I bought a suitable ship. I bought plenty of cargo space and a fancy refinery. I filled half my cargo with limpets, including prospectors. I did have early success and found a load of gold. I then spent some time on the net searching for a nearby spot to buy it. Two hours of effort earned me 45k credits (meh). Went back to Harma and my old spot. Spent an hour looking for any metal or mineral of value. Nothing. Burned my limpets by accident and went back to the station to restock. This time I picked a hazardous RES thinking maybe great risk came with better chances of reward. No dice. Hours of drudgery picking away at ‘roids with nothing but worthnothingonium to show for it. Grind. Grind. Grind. (But extremely pretty)


Best way to make money mining is not in the resources you collect. Its in the missions you can fill with the resources you gather.

So you need to find a good system that is offering loads of contracts for minerals. Take as many as you can get hold of. Visit all the stations in the system and surrounding systems. Then when you have a bucket load of resource jobs, then head off to a safe belt and mine.

The key to jobs is standing. So if your standing is low, the jobs won’t pay much, but fulfil the contracts and your standing improves and so does the money you earn from each mission.

Type of system and economy status of system effects the missions you get as well. But if you can find the right system, the money is there.




How is the keelback in combat. I kinda want to fit one out as a little carrier but I want to be sure it can hold its own.