Elite: Dangerous - updates!


Mostly because the game becomes extreme grind for me. I really enjoy Elite but I’ve kinda vowed to stay away for a while until some of the community stuff updates.

*Edit: 92 Mil? Welp I guess I’m not going to the Chieftain anytime soon.


Mine just updated. Looking forward to checking it out.

I sort of hid away in ‘solo’ for a lot of the CG’s just as I couldn’t be bothered with griefing, so I guess with the new crime and punishment changes then MP might be worth a try.

I wasn’t that keen on the ship customization method via the Engineers, as the materials sort of felt like a ‘we let our main currency have massive inflation so we added another one!’. I only really ever boosted the main drive to help out on exploring, i.e. a level 5 FSD.

I guess the main thing for me in 3.0 is then the planet textures going back to ‘not beige’, so interested in seeing some of those.

I have the cash for a Chieftain so could AAR/screenshot a lot of that, but not sure if people need more ship pics. ‘Chieftain in front of…’ are going to be pretty common I think. :slight_smile:


I was black box hunting over an ice planet last night - it was gorgeous up close.


Base, price is a little over 19 million, but for a full A-rated brawler, ED Shipyard gave me that quote. But that’s with crazy weapons, hull and module reinforcements, and top shields, etc.


92 mill is less than a conda


Oh wow that’s much more reasonable.


That’s what I’m saving up for. I’ve had a name picked out for literally years.


Maybe it’s me but I can afford that now. Twice. :smiley:


Lemme guess “Black Panther”…

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Being cheesy, sorry.


Also, FYI, there’s an Encoded Materials Trader at Skripochka Gateway. I haven’t made use of it myself, as I’ve just been scanning ships and wakes outside the station, but in case anybody needs any of those things for the engineers…

Advancing ranks with the engineers is definitely much more material- intensive. I burned through a couple of materials, and only got to G4 in FSD, G3 in shields, and G3 in thrusters with Elvira. The grind is real.


On the other hand hoarding materials and data has become that much easier, so its just a matter of hoovering up the stuff and then trading for whats needed.


So I finally got the 10Gb of updates. What will I find new ?


Well I updated to poke around a little and I’ve gotta say that the re texturing of the planets turned out really nice.

To me it seems like combat has changed yet again. My Vulture seems under powered, and my Keelback is getting insta killed by NPCs.

Also being able to choose your pay outs is a nice addition.


General gameplay seems to have lessened the grind, which i am sure most will be happy with.


Is there any dang way to see what your notoriety is?


Yes, right hand side panels, first panel on the left. It’s the one that you can change to show your status amoong the system powers, your statistics, your permits and so on.


just hypothectically asking … but how would someone remove a 2000 cred bounty that one may have picked up along the way :thinking:


Interstellar factors allow someone to pay the stuff off at a little extra without having to hunt down where of how you someone got that bounty.


So in theory all I have to do is find a low security system and find a sin broker in a station … I may have also noticed that you can get “hot” modules … For example if you were to shoot someone with a particular weapon then take that weapon off your ship it has some legal issues … I assume the sin broker can also remove these … Sort of serial number removal … :wink:


Anyone cruising the galaxy tonight?