Elite: Dangerous - updates!


I just know that when I accidentally assaulted a pirate ship that hadn’t attacked me yet, I just had to hop out of the RES, and there was a “wanted” label next to all the places I couldn’t land ah in my Nav panel. So I went to the one that wasn’t marked wanted, landed, and they had an independent agent that I could use to pay off my bounty.


Just got my posterior handed to me by an Elite NPC in a DBX - even though I had his hull down to the teens, I barely made it out before he killed me. Then again, he was firing his PA’S and missiles a LOT.


I keep getting jumped by NPC Anaconda’s in full wings with smaller ships. My Keelback just can’t keep up with the barrage missiles and the pulse disruptors.


Oh, that’s just mean.


yep the sin broker thing works … now back to grinding imperial missions

  • Changes made to the throttle at any point during a hyperspace jump should now be preserved properly

Well at least something that was an issue for me directly was fixed.



For better or worse the 3.0.3 patch has dropped.

From 3.0.3 you will no longer be able to access outfitting at any port whilst in a ‘hot’ ship, thus you will not be able to make any load-out changes. You’re required to first clean the ship by paying off fines and bounties issued against it. Outfitting services will then be restored.


So effectively it’s now a hot ship, not hot modules.

The anti-griefer in me is fine with this.


Yea, suits me.

And simpler with the whole ship, too, than lots of modules to deal with.


Finally some long awaited kits!

Diamond Back Explorer

Keelback: I told you so, boys. I told you so.


Finally a big shopping cart handle/wing for my Keelback.

You have the magic touch @komemiute - After me complaining about it to you over TS, here it is!


All it takes is a bit of patience and faith. :smiley:


…but still nothing for my beloved Clipper…



The clipper needs no shipkits, its form is perfection.


I mean, you’re not wrong, but… With a little bit of work, and more options in paint jobs, it could look a lot like a small Whitestar, a la Sheridan’s last scene in Sleeping in Light.



I almost vomited looking at that…


I must say that I am with @Rhinosaurus here…




Still very early, and what they’ve laid out isn’t enough information for me to put together meaningful opinions or ideas about Squadrons as a whole.

Hopefully some developer responses will clarify a few significant questions.