Elite: Dangerous - updates!


Still, Awesome!


Congratulations! I’ll see you at Jamison Memorial.

…so what’s your secret trade route? Asking for a friend…


I guess now I should go get combat elite too lol


Good ideas, good perspectives… little time to type them out and discuss.
I’ll be back.


This all sounds really interesting, but now I fear I’m going to have to upgrade to a bigger ship than my Clipper for mining. All these extra modules are going to take up more space/ hardpoints than I think I could afford to give up.


I still haven’t got into this game, what days do yall get on?


I’ve been taking a break since the Hornet dropped - I’d been burned out as of late, but I’ll likely revisit after the new content drops next week. I’ll let you know when I’m looking to be in.


ok. ive literally got 5 mins in game.


@Andrew116, still flying?


Yep I’m still around. Been on a little less while I’m waiting for the update next week. But anytime you guys wanna fly let me know.


What system y’all close to these days?


I’m sort of all over. I was last in whatever system had the most recent gold rush with skimmers a few weeks ago, and I think my Clipper is somewhere with Thargoids. I think a couple of my ships are still in Branglal though, and I can move wherever.


I’m mostly on the western edge of the bubble, but really I got long jump ranges so I can be where ever I’m needed.


Krait unveiled plus some narrative.


If only elite featured actual crew members you could hire and see in your ship, improve their skills over time etc.

Over time I have fallen quite out of love with elite as a game. It’s still a great VR experience though.


I sort of agree. NPC crew would feel really good.

In the end, tainted from all the previous games, for me it’s all about me and the Multicrew.
Earlier this year I had a German crewmate that provided me relief from space madness. :smiley:


I hope that’s a hint at walking around, even if just on the pad looking at your ship would add so much immersion… I didn’t think the Krait was that big when I was a kid?! I thought it was a single seat fighter? Looks nice though.


Trust me it’s not. I know- I’d love it too.
But this is primarily a space game and most of its development will go that way.


True, I just want to be more connected to the ship I guess. I’m not really bothered about walking around on ship just to get out at a station and have an area around the ship to walk would be awesome.


Yup, I’m with you on that…
Plus we already have the avatars…