Elite: Dangerous - updates!



I’m not sure how their sales are for the outfits/commander customisation but I bet they’d do more if we could see ‘us’ :slight_smile:


Well I have to say that from Beta to now, I have finally uninstalled it. I just don’t play it any more.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Elite has THE best sandbox to play in ever created. But its akin to having a sandbox to play in the size of a town, but there isn’t any sand in it.

Fantastic diverse universe of unparalleled size.
its great just to fly drive and warp to new planets.

Almost everything means nothing in game. Stations magically get their supplies. You build your ships from magic resources that appear out of nowhere. Your ship blows up, its magically there for you. Npc have no use, just sit in a particular spot doing nothing. Mining means nothing. Transporting cargo means nothing. NPC or bounty hunting means nothing.

If only, the devs made it a player run economy. You would have the following.

A necessity for mining. Mining you could stockpile resources for yourself or sell to the station for its manufacturing. Your ship explodes, you need to get another built. You can ask the station to get the resources for you (spawns ai miners) or hire a miner and you can protect it whilst it mines. Any excess materials can be sold to stations that want them for profit to fill their production plant capabilities.

You can do the same for cargo, personnel transport etc.

Gives a reason for the NPC, gives a reason for what you do. Gives what you do an influence to where you are.

At the moment nothing like this happens and all events in game are kind of pointless. For instance, I can kill a gaziliion NPC’s. But they are still there. They still come to get slaughtered.

I played this game for as long as I did because I am a fan of space sims. The universe they created is truly marvelous. But I cant justify the grind for the sake of a grind without any meaning.

I guess this sounds as a rant. A pessimistic view. I just hope in time this game gains content that gives relevance to the players actions in game aside from predetermined small happenings with zero consequences in community goals.

Run the market, production and resource management like EVE online and this game would be marvelous.


I’d like to say, “My thoughts exactly!”

But I never progressed far enough to even have such thoughtful thoughts. I recently decided to give it another week. I destroyed the old me to start fresh (I didn’t have a whole lot to begin with). My intent is to do the “go see this guy to learn this and that guy to learn that” advice that is in the opening “Hello Commander” message when you first jump in with a new character. We’ll see how that goes.


Yeah a player run economy would add something elite sorely lacks at the moment: meaning and sense.

I can date back me falling out of love with elite to the moment someone posted an economical analysis of the madness that goes on in the “resource extraction zones”. That just does not make any sense whatsoever. And that’s when I just couldn’t get myself to believe in it all anymore.


My problem is I don’t think any game base is so self regulated and sufficient to ensure anything even loosely looking like a stable economy.

I can’t fault you for not finding the game engaging. I feel the same for many other VERY successful games…

That said trusting gamers with the economy of the universe… shudders

I’ll be nope-ing my way to the milky way’s center, if you don’t mind.

EDIT: By any standards there’s no game with a proper player driven economy that’s remotely fun to play. It simply turns into a spreadsheet simulator…


i also thought the krait was a single man short range fighter … I think it was used by the space cops in the original elite for station defense … or was that the viper …


I would say eve online has been very successful. Possibly one of the longest running space games to date. Its player eun economy was, nay, IS the most amazing things to have happened to any mmo. Works incredibly well and you don’t need a spreadsheet simulator to play eve casually.

But anywho, i bow out.


I think it was the Viper for station defence but I’m not certain


Changelog for Beyond Chapter 2 is live:


Missions and Scenarios
Added new wing mining missions
Added new high threat USS’s, and missions that can direct players to them

Megaship and Installation Interactions
Added existing megaship interactions to installations
Added Escape Hatch interaction points to damaged megaships

Crime and Punishment
Players can now hand themselves in to security contacts, if they have outstanding bounties, and a zero notoriety rating. Players that hand themselves in will pay off the bounty and be deported to the nearest detention center
Relaxed the friendly fire thresholds against NPC ships, to lower the amount of erroneous crimes being handed out
Notoriety now decays whilst the player is docked
Players current notoriety level displayed in cockpit will no longer be potentially out of date
Relaxed the rules for Multicrew gunners so that they are less prone to accidental assault/reckless weapon discharge crimes

Horizons-only Content

New weapons now available at applicable Tech Brokers:
Large Plasma Shock Cannon (Fixed, Gimbal, Turret)
Large Guardian Shard Cannon (Fixed, Turret)
Large Guardian Plasma Launcher (Fixed, Turret)

The Guardian FSD booster is once again available at the Guardian Tech Broker, now with improved fuel efficiency

Alliance Challenger - a medium sized ship, based on the Alliance Chieftain, that boasts a generous compliment of hard-points, whilst retaining the Chieftains characteristic agility. It also has stronger armour.
Krait Mk.II - a medium sized, multi-role ship, that trades defensive capability for speed, fire-power and maneuverability. The Krait Mk.II has space for two crew members and is capable of carrying a fighter bay

New planetary sites added, with audio logs

Fixes and Improvements

Fixed some missing effects on Guardian Artifacts

Fixed audio cutting out in supercruise near neutron stars

Background Simulation
Fixed war missions incorrectly offering influence rewards (influence during a war state has no actual effect)
Ensure that faction effects are the same from selling exploration data for pages as well as individual star systems, and balance those faction effects to have roughly the same galactic impact as before this release

Controls & Control Devices
Prevented Flight Assist from automatically re-enabling after exiting Supercruise

Fixed an issue with fading text in the Engineers Cost help window

General Fixes & Tweaks
Numerous performance optimisations for hangars
Resolved some minor typos
Fixed some cut off text in material descriptions
Local news top 5 bounty list should ignore breaking characters from ship names
Fixed situations where ‘Last main sequence star’ info message can appear incorrectly
General stability fix for incorrectly replicated data between players

Holo-Me Creator
Fixed an issue that prevented players from saving their avatar with the Frontier Expo suit equipped

Implemented a maximum scan time multiplier to prevent excessively long scans on large Mega Ships and Installations
Fixed an underground destructible panel at a Guardian Structure

Removed the timed element from assassination missions, so that targets are no longer limited to spawning within a time window. Players can scan the systems local nav beacon to find the targets location.
Fixed Mentor missions showing incorrect reward choice upon completion
Raised pay-out rate for Elite Rank Mining Missions
Updated Salvage missions so that factions cannot be duplicated as both giver and target
Updated the mission timer for Massacre Thargoid Wing Missions so it matches the non-Wing variant of this mission
Fix wing mission rewards from trade missions to award trade rank to multicrew crew members as well as the helm
Colonia factions have started issuing mission tip offs for the region

Ramming a guardian sentinel will no longer give you a bounty

Fixed long description texts for experimental modules not appearing properly under the “Read More” section in Outfitting

PlayStation 4
Fixed an issue that could occur when playing the combat tutorial while background installation is in progress
Fix for an issue where the “Put Your Fighters Up” Trophy was not being awarded when fighter ships were launched from your ship by an AI pilot

Fixed Powerplay crimes incorrectly affecting notoriety

Ships & SRV
General Ship Fixes and Improvements
Fixed cases of Collector Limpets clipping through the top of several ships when returning cargo
Fixed some visual problems with short Ship IDs

Alliance Chieftain
Addressed a specular highlight in the canopy that could flicker in certain lighting conditions
Fixed a small gap in geometry
Fixed some clipping on hardpoints 1 and 2
Shrank the Shipyard schematic icon slightly to prevent clipping
Realigned nameplates
Fixed some clipping on the Ship Kit

Fixed scratches being present on Ship Kit parts when there is no ship wear and tear
The number of internal windows now correctly matches the number of external ones
Fixed an instance of Paint Jobs not rendering over a heat vent door
Smoothed out some overhead cables in the cockpit
Adjusted some internal module target locations
Fixed emissive decals on the Anaconda losing detail if the Fusion Paint Job is applied

Asp Explorer
Fixed a 2D Cannon alignment issue

Diamondback Explorer
Added Ship Kit cameras for outfitting

Fixed a texture issue with the Prestige paintjob

Federal Corvette
Fixed some reflective areas on the Icarus and Prestige paintjobs
Lowered glossiness on Precision Paint Jobs
Fixed some missing textures on Paint Jobs

Fixed a visual issue that could occur with your commander when colliding in an SRV

Type 9 Heavy
Fixed a missing thruster texture
Fixed some texture and model position issues

Type 10 Defender
Fixed some clipping on certain Ship Kit parts
Fixed some texture and model position issues

Fixed misaligned small lights

Stability Fixes
Fixed a crash to desktop that would occur when opening the galaxy map immediately after the game had loaded in a station
Fixed a server error that could occur when trying to apply an experimental effect to a module that was originally modified by another Engineer
Fixed a crash that could occur when using Collector Limpets

User Interface
Fixed an issue in the Systems panel that prevented the module health from updating correctly when repairing a module using a AFMU
Fixed legal salvage incorrectly showing as a loss when sold

Weapons & Modules
The heatsink launcher no longer has an incomprehensible DPS statistic
Human and Guardian Tech Broker blueprint requirements have been reduced

Decreased the discrepancy in jump times between Helm and crew members

New lower blueprint requirements have already been updated on Inara, for anybody who’s looking to craft Guardian or other tech broker modules.


I’ll be interested to see how the new Thargoid Scouts play out.


My real interest is how big this patch is memory wise. But I’m looking forward to checking this one out.


Depending on how long the download takes, I’m seriously considering hopping in tonight and picking up a Krait at Jamison.


1.8 gb for me, looks like I’ll have to jump on tonight.


I’ll be online tonight as well.


I’ll be on in about half an hour


I’m on TS3. I’ll be in game shortly.




Ooh, daddy likes. I think I’ve found my new mission runner- now I just need a good and punny name…


I tore out all of the bits out of my Python, the Lady Ada. Sold my dear old ship and bought one of them newfangled Krait things. Put in the bits from the python. Called her Lady Ada II.

What a boat! awesome! Had some good times until my fighter pilot shot up something I accidently fired at before finishing the scan. It died before I could tell her to lay off. That gained me a bounty and something called “notoriety 1”.

Some googlage later I found out I can’t play for two hours but must remain logged in for that timer to run out! What the actual F. I love elite but this sort of harebrained gamedesign makes it very hard to keep loving it :frowning:


It has actually been rectified, AFAIK. Even when logged out Notoriety does run out… Let me check.