Elite: Dangerous - updates!


I’m honestly ok with all of this news. I really didn’t see the whole fleet carrier thing applying much to my style of play, and I’m glad they’re taking more time to get things right- I just hope we these “deeper and richer gameplay mechanics” are really that.



Nice! Which ship did you bring out? I’m laying off the game until we jump, then I’ll only be in Thursday night, as I’m out of town this weekend.


ExplorerAsp, because I never did the Guardian’s Grind for the AX stuff and it’ll allow me to take some photos in the 24 seconds I’ll be alive once the T’s show up. :slight_smile: :alien:

I’m just along for the ride to see what happens really, and it was an excuse to reinstall.


I’ve met a good 20+ Thargoids face to face. The big ones, with 8 arms. They are quite docile, so long as you keep your distance. If they approach you to scan, they are probably OK with things.

They’ve never become hostile to me unless I’ve moved in too close. Even then, it wasn’t automatically a death sentence. If they deploy the Thargon swarm, I could run away and things still might be OK, and the swarm would just re-dock inside the Thargoid.

Maybe some of the “spikey” and red ones are more agitated. I’m uncertain. I’ve only spied a couple of those (and they are beautiful, if more deadly!)

So if you see one (which I suspect will be likely), my advice is to not panic. Be passive. At peace.

Things may be good. Or not… of course! Either way, the view staring into their giant eye as they scan my ship is an audiovisual treat.


Your best be tis NOT to have any guardian items in the cargo hold OR possess any Guardian-Tech modified modules.

They really don’t like each other… sort of like West Ham vs Millwall.


True. I’ve not got any Guardian stuff, so I forget about that aspect!

I know for certain the Thargoids don’t care about the human-made AX stuff. I’ve visited and been scanned while loaded to the gills with AX parts.


So you’re saying I SHOULDN’T have my Gauss cannons installed on my Krait when we first get out into the Cone sector?


Anything Guardian-tech related will trigger them. (Did you just assume my flurgblasturm*?)

*It’s Thargoid, not German.


Yeah, my rebuy is currently a little over 5 million… I’ll scout first, then shoot later. When there are lots and lots of other, bigger ships between me and the Thargoids…


“I felt a disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”


If nothing else happens with this in the next couple of days, I’ll be giving No Man’s Sky a long playthrough.


lol - so the news leaked I guess - the Gnosis isn’t meant to jump for another 5 hours or so?

Hmm, I might get off while I have the chance.


The forums are slightly annoyed at this:


I’m hanging around a little bit longer, since I’ll be gone this weekend anyway, to see if anything changes, given the… politely lodged concerns that are being posted.


Yeah, that’s looking grim…


… .and it appears to be even worse:

My apologies to everybody who flew out there because of my initial posts. Off to play other games for a while, it looks like.


No apologies needed. Getting on this event was a nice revival of Elite for me. I had a good deal of fun getting my Asp Explorer all set to go.

I’m not really as bothered by this, as I actually abandoned the Gnosis trip last week, when it was revealed that Thargoid Hydras were massed in the target area. I didn’t build my explorer ship to die. And I didn’t feel up to taking my AX ship out there. So I’ve been back home for a week, doing other stuff.

Still, for players who were excited about the trip, it’s a shame. Clearly Frontier don’t want players out in that area, OK fine. But this was IMO an unfortunate way to handle things, by allowing the player expectation and investment to reach such a height.

Maybe if signs were dropped in over the past two weeks or so, Gnosis frequently suffering Thargoid attacks, and even losing station services or FSD jump power the week prior, as a result… Yea… Maybe things are going to get worse the closer we get? Should I be sinking so much effort into something that’s barely holding together?

Some would stick it out, sure. But it would’ve been a bit more obvious (maybe, IMO) that Frontier had no intention of the Gnosis making the jump.

Still, like I said. It got me back into Elite a bit. A good thing.


No worries Nuke - I found it all a bit funny tbh. Just a game after-all. :slight_smile:


Official Focused Feedback post incoming- re: the details of the upcoming Exploration update!


If they can pull this off like they’re planning…