Elite: Dangerous - updates!


You can absolutely play when you have notoriety. All notoriety does, is increase the police response to your crimes (lowest is level 1, max response speed and strength is level 10). At higher levels, the “ATR” will also respond, which are super-tough police that kill on-sight.

Just lay low, don’t do things which will attract the police or authority attention.

EDIT: Oh, and in non-anarchy stations, some Station Services might not be available until you pay off any fines or bounties you have (you can pay these in LOW Security systems, at the Interstellar Factors contact). In 3.1 now you can even hand yourself over to the police, and pay off all wants on you and your ships. You’ll respawn at the nearest detention facility, IIRC.


I got a bounty, am wanted and will get shot at when scanned in the very system I am hunting pirates for a mission. I can not continue that. There is no way to pay it off, the game just tells me to buzz off for an indeterminate time (the game itself tells nothing about the timer on that notoriety thing).


To pay off a bounty:

  1. Let your “Notoriety” cool off to 0 (zero), by playing and not committing crimes.
  2. Head to any Anarchy system.

When you dock, check out “Contacts” and “Interstellar Factors”. They’ll let you pay them off, IIRC. There is an extra fee (like 10% or so) for them handling the payoff.

During the cool-off for Notoriety, it’s easy to play in an Anarchy system. There are no police, and the biggest risk is a bounty hunter scanning you.

I’ve had to do this with fines a few times, when I’m out doing surface salvage and violate some tresspass zone or kill a skimmer controlled by the wrong faction. It’s actually easier to deal with now, than before. Back then I had to wait a full 7 days until a Bounty matured into a Legacy Fine, before I could pay it off!

The current system does make it useful to keep an Anarchy system and station bookmarked.

EDIT: Crime and punishment FAQ:


Also notoriety is tied to the ship, not the commander, if you change ship you’ll get anywhere you want.
Until scanned…


either way, imho its a bovine excrement bit of gamedesign. Timers suck.


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Krait - I’m in the process of finishing unlocking the rest of the engineers (when I’m not bouncing all over the sky trying to land Hornets), so I can turn Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (yes, that’s her name, because everybody wants Mr Toad’s Wild Ride) into my main mission runner when I need to get into outposts and medium bases.


You can thank the trolls and griefers for making it a reality.


Update 3.2 Released!


The following weapons have been added to outfitting (where applicable):

  • Large Dumbfire Missile
  • Large Seeking Missile
  • Large Torpedo Launcher
  • Large Multi Cannon (turret)

The following weapons have been added to the Human Tech Broker:

  • Small Shock Cannon (turret)
  • Small Shock Cannon (gimbal)
  • Small Shock Cannon (fixed)

The following weapons have been added to the Guardian Tech Broker

  • Small Guardian plasma launcher (turret)
  • Small Guardian plasma launcher (fixed)
  • Small Guardian Shard Cannon (turret)
  • Small Guardian Shard Cannon (fixed)
  • Small Guardian Gauss Cannon (fixed)


Crusader : Latest member of the Alliance ship group. A medium sized ship based on the Alliance Chieftain, with the additional space to carry a fighter bay.


New Guardian sites added to space and planet surfaces for players to investigate.

Three Guardian fighters added (via Guardian tech brokers):

  • Trident (XG7) armed with a Plasma Auto Cannon
  • Javelin (XG8) armed with a Shard Launcher
  • Lance (XG9) armed with a Gauss Focus Cannon


Players will now be able to work with a variety of Engineers across the Colonia region.

Wing Missions

Added two new wing mission types:

  • Planetary settlement hack
  • Planetary settlement disable

Fixes and Improvements


Fixed some misaligned geometry at Pavlov Beacon

Increased the volume of the Archer COVAS pack

Galaxy Map/System Map
Renamed some systems that had duplicated names

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed some German localisation issues
  • Fixed some localisation issues with the unlock messages for Guardian technologies
  • Fixed issue where ships hitcheck is missing when player is in an SRV


  • Fixed a rare issue causing a resource extraction site to be incorrectly positioned outside an asteroid belt
  • Added missing interaction objects to Agricultural Installation
  • Fixed some improperly placed Guardian pylons
  • Fixed Skimmers not spawning correctly at Bova Point+


  • Fixed some instances of mission targets not appearing in mission specific signal sources
  • Fixed an issue with completing Source and Return missions
  • Fixed mission objectives not spawning for Dark Wheel Wetwork mission
  • Fixed some instances of Assassination missions not updating correctly when scanning a Nav Beacon
  • Fixed missing text in some mission messages
  • Fixed wing depot text incorrectly appearing in a non-wing variant

Fixed the 20% discount on Corrosion Resistant Cargo Racks not applying at an Edmund Mahon controlled station

Ships & SRV

Fixed the Pulse paintjob displaying incorrectly when your ship is damaged

Imperial Clipper
Improved some areas of the Military paintjob

Krait Mk. II

  • Fixed antenna that could only be seen from inside the cockpit
  • Fixed the order of the dashboard bobblehead slots
  • Fixed missing boost and thruster audio when in vanity camera
  • Fixed description inconsistencies
  • Fixed outfitting camera issues whilst in VR
  • Fixed missing UI audio for multi-crew members

Federal Drop Ship
Fixed incorrect name plate outfitting cameras

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a memory related crash for Xbox One
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when in an Remote Engineer Workshop
  • Fixed a rare Galaxy Map crash
  • Fixed Xbox One crash that could occur when disconnecting a controller
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when activating data points at Penal Colony BV-2259
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when swapping modules

User Interface
Fixed the landing pad number being truncated when playing the game in Brazilian Portuguese

Weapons & Modules

  • Fixed Guardian Modules being listed incorrectly when playing the game in Russian
  • Fixed an issue whereby the turreted version of the Flechette Launcher would not show in outfitting if unlocked before the fixed version

Server Fixes and Tweaks

  • Demand for mined commodities during mining community goals should now be displayed in the commodity market’s demand column
  • Fix Commander module storage limits occasionally breaking when swapping multiple modules between storage & ship
  • Premium guardian synthesis recipes now use guardian materials, like the basic & standard guardian recipes
  • Markets at risk of being affected by Thargoid Sensor interference should more clearly advertise their increased demand for meta alloys

Just a small update before the 4.0 drops later this year.


Just a heads up, the update is still being rolled out, though we should be seeing it come live very soon.


I wonder how many players will be amusingly puzzled when they log in to find their dashboards miss-spelled? :thinking:


I for one! :slight_smile:


So apparently folks are already finding LOTS of new Guardian things, and are rapidly grinding through to unlock the fighters. Here’s hoping we’ll also get to play a bit when we get to the Cone sector…even though my ship doesn’t have fighter capacity.


About that Cone sector thing…

Reddit says part of it is newly permit locked…
58 votes and 64 comments so far on Reddit

Surely that had to be a mistake… right?.. RIGHT?


Argh. Now I’m morbidly curious to see if there’s something there worth finding, or if this is going to end up like another Jacques thing, or if we end up having our time wasted.

If the latter is the case, the DBX only cost me about 7 million spacebucks, or it’d give me an excuse to go back to DCS/ No Man’s Sky/ XP11/ Cold Waters/ The Witcher/ CAP2/ SF2/ BMS/ World of Warships for a while…


well a pattern has been set…

Anyway what are you taking out there, I was looking at potential load outs. I’m thinking SRV, Advanced Discovery Scanner, Surface scanner, and Xeno scanner just for giggles. I wasn’t planning on taking weapons if I go but since we have to shoot things now I might have to reconsider.


Don’t forget you can also transfer modules to the Gnosis. I just sent for my engineered missile launchers, multicannons, and plasma accelerators. In addition to my Guardian Gauss cannons, recon, decontamination, and repair limpets, and a few other toys. Gnosis also has outfitting, but is limited in some areas- bring your own mining laser.


Yep, I did bring a small mining laser. Could be useful for materials collection.



The latest Galnet article makes it seem like that may be a very smart choice…


In response to this development, the Pilots Federation has sealed off the Cone Sector FN-J B9-0 system, which is believed to contain high concentrations of Hydra Interceptors. Despite this, it is understood that the Gnosis, flagship of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group, will attempt to complete its scheduled jump into the now permit-locked system

Oh crap. I’m suddenly thinking maybe I need to take my Krait instead of just a DBX.


** Deep Sigh **