Elite: Dangerous - updates!


So very true…

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    One thing that’s not clear from the video is, besides the social aspect, what the benefit of squadrons actually is. IE it’s a 10mil fee to create a squadron, is there any payout(or fees) for the creator and members after that? Do you contribute a percentage of your income? Etc.


IIRC the main feature is that you can have a carrier.
As in… spacecraft Carrier.


That and you get a more detailed and in-depth access to the churn of the faction system. Also a chat channel.


Thats great, but it drives me crazy when developers attach an in game cost to a feature that is nothing more than a group function. I actually get when a dev makes grouping a real money cost, I don’t like it, but eh, eating and/or greed is a thing.

But just assigning grind currency from one or more players to enable a group feature just makes no sense. 99% of squadrons will have the fee paid by a player with huge millions, making it pointless. And low time players without money will just go back to watching it in action on Youtube. Just dumb.


To be fair 10 millions are like… one or two nice missions… hardly a grind.
EDIT: and the amount is not set in stone yet.


I mean, for some, perhaps… I might have that many credits but I’d be left with almost nothing without selling my ships.

The updates recently have been, in my opinion, mostly aesthetic based rather than adding real substance, what I have been craving.

Don’t get me wrong, the new lighting looks great; but at the end of the day that’ll be enough to get me back in game for a short period before I’m back to being bored with the same old bounty hunting, trading, etc just to build my bank account.

Understand that I want to play ED more, I just want more substance and reasons to keep playing it.


I really really want to like this game. Its beautiful. But I just can’t get on with the combat for some reason…
I’ve read lots of helpful advice and watched let’s plays and all the usual stuff but for some reason (I suck I assume) I just get my butt handed to me everytime I fight.
It got marginally better when I got gimballed weapons but it got to the stage where I just dreaded combat so much I avoided it. And that stopped being fun really really quickly for me.


I am more or less in the same boat. Except I was never planning on going big on combat in this game.

Go fly cargo missions then! If you find a system in economic boom, you can even earn 400k with a 20t mission for a faction you are neutral with. I did it.

And when the update drops, fly out into the black with me and millions of other explorers and enjoy working the scanners, putting your name on the Galaxy and seeing things you have never seen before.


That was what I wanted to do to be honest @freak but I always ended up in a fight I couldn’t win. I feel maybe I don’t understand the mechanics enough. It just always degenerated into a scuffle with me on the losing side. It’s been a while since I fired it up. I just wanted to be left alone and explore the beauty of it all. But between getting interdicted and blown out the sky all the time it kind of got ruined somewhere along the line. I seemed to get drawn into fighting all the time and everyone else seems to have this serene and gentle experience. I wonder what I am doing wrong.


So If I may @Victork2 some tips from someone who is also very shite at combat but have learned to get my cargo to its new owners:

  1. If you haven’t played in awhile, and if “awhile” is a long time, do fire it up again. There have been many changes and especially to AI interdictions.
  2. If you are struggling be sure to be in Private. Public has it’s own charms and gameplay, but if you are still figuring stuff out add player interactions later.
  3. I cannot stress this enough - Do the combat tutorial! Repeatedly! Youtube and guides are great and all, but the tutorial will pit you against ships one after another in increasing difficulty, WITH NO RAMIFICATIONS TO LOSING THE FIGHT. It is important to get the mechanics of killing another ship, what that looks and feels like, without constantly thinking about your insurance cost.
  4. A very large part of combat is using your thrusters and boost at the right times. If you are not thrusting and boosting in the Z axis you are probably never getting on his tail. The tutorial is great for honing this skill. Many come at the combat portion like it is a flight sim and forget all about the thrusters and moving within the axes while turning, and knowing when to boost for the shot. Combat in the game at first is: I am fighting, I am fighting, damn where is he, oh crap my shields are down to half, I am going to lose money, I am running away. Tutorial.
  5. If you are looking to deliver cargo and not be a bounty hunter and would like to hand it back to the occasional pirate that troubles you, I cannot recommend the Keelback enough. It can carry cargo, can fight most early pirates, and it can also mount a fighter. A fighter will boost your confidence like you haven’t seen. Get interdicted, Jump into your fighter, get on his six and blast away. Your AI pilot will probably fly your Keelback in combat better than you, and you will definitely out maneuver the bad guy as well. The Keelback will never be a combat ship, it will fall short in carrying capaciy and jump range to others, and you will out grow it. But it is a great all arounder that can get you into all different types of missions until you figure out how you like to play the game.

Hope that helps!


Excellent advice thanks dude!

This was my main problem I found I always seemed to be in the wrong position or just out of reach for a shot and the enemy could turn and get lots of Solid hits on me while I was still trying to get in his six. I did the combat tutorial a few times and actually got on OK but in the game the difficulties seemed magnified.

Maybe its like you said and I tried to fly it like a flight sim…

I’m re downloading it now. I’ve only got the vanilla game as well so maybe there has been tweaks I don’t know about. Is it worth getting all the dlc or can I just use what I’ve got and not miss out to much at first?



There is also (this thing)[https://edrp.co.uk], which you will find intriguing if you are a bit like me.

As for DLC, you will notice when you need it. It provides more gameplay options, which are generally not interesting/needed for the beginner, unless you really want to drive around on the surface really badly or you really want the very best Sidewinder you can possibly get with a jump range in excess of 30 light years and you want to start working towards that RIGHT NOW.

Otherwise, just go fly, make some money, buy some upgrades/ships. You will notice when the Horizons DLC would bring extra value to you.


I agree with @Freak - I like and recommend Horizons, but you should decide if you like Elite first.


Holy crap, these new ships.


Mamba! :snake:


Yeah, I kinda really want one now.


Do not like the Mamba. Too much “Attack of the Clones” aesthetic for me…


Nostalgia for me. They upgraded it from this:



Oooh me likey that new krait. sooo sexey. Linear aerospikes ftw! Now if only they’d allow us to turn off the stupid lights on the cockpit bars.