Elite: Dangerous - updates!


Awesome! Now if only I had space :thinking:


Quick exploring question,

If im out away from civilization can i land on a planet and log out and then log back in the next day and be good or do I have to be at a station?


You’re good.


You can literally save anywhere.


Excellent thank you commanders


Yes, while out exploring, I simply throttle to zero, drop out of SuperCruise to normal space. Then come to a stop. Log out. Go to rear of ship cabin and make dinner.

Do make sure that you aren’t in the path of an approaching planet or anything. The galaxy continues to move while you are logged out!

I spent about 4 or 5 months out exploring like that, no problems.


Mining can be lucrative…
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Not me, by the way…


I believe that was a group effort.

With the knowledge that we’ll see the hot spots actually wear out in real time, I’m interested in going to look elsewhere, and also maybe give my hand at mining for maybe Benoitite, which is also selling for over a million a ton.


So, gold rush has moved. Went back to Founders World to swap out a couple of things, and got ganked in system. With all of three limpets in my hold. I’ve had enough Elite for a little while…


You’ve had enough mining in Elite for now…
Join me in some cooperative multicrew fighting!


Dude who ganked me shot me a “good fight, o7” then left the game, and maybe blocked me because I couldn’t find his commander name.
Which is a shame, as I was preparing to write him a long note about how lonely his life must be, how tragic it is that his parents don’t pay him more attention, or he doesn’t have more close friends or meaningful real life relationships, if the only way he can get attention and feel good about himself is by randomly blowing up unarmed and defenseless space ships in an online video game. Or maybe he was so angry and feeling so destructive because the school term thst just finished up didn’t go well. Either way, how very sorry I felt for him, and that I’ll keep him in my prayers, that things can get better when you get older, and to let me know if he ever needs a hug.

Seriously, it was gonna be a masterpiece.


Sucks mate. Back in my elite days, I myself received a gank or two. I think I even posted an AAR over the best one costing me many milli ns.

JUst turn it into a role playing event which adds spice to your game.

Doesn’t take the sting away now, but in time you may look back and laugh

What a mongrel!


Players like that keep me away from open. Group or solo for me.


It’s more the principle of the thing that concerns and annoys me. Especially the “kill an unarmed ship as quick as possible, then bounce before said played can come back and challenge with a fair fight” part. This is why the " git gud" folks in the forums are so insufferable as well…

< insert long-winded, slightly old man yelling at cloud rant about the toxic culture in present-day gaming and it’s effects on civilization in a broader context, something something real-world consequences versus in-game consequences of actions, this is why I don’t have kids, I hate people, etc etc etc />

But yeah, what can you do aside go to Solo or groups right when school breaks begin?

Anyway, if it’s annoying me that much, time to go do something else, right?




@schurem xactly.


Man, that sucks. That’s why I live in private group play only. It’d be nice if they’d add the option for squadron only play as well.

The lack of real repercussions for trolls and griefers has kept me out of open play. Stiffer fines, permanent hostile/bounty status in non-anarchy systems, etc, would help but unless that happens I won’t mess with it.


I blew up some rocks the other day. I really like the new gaming mechanics, graphic and sound effects.

Has anyone else encountered some freezes? I tried to manually scoop up some fragments when my screen froze for over 15 seconds. Not good in the middle of an asteroid cluster when your throttle isn’t zeroed. When the game came back my shields were down, my hull was down to 26% and I was tumbling rapidly towards a very big rock. Didn’t end lucky for me :confused:


I’ve had a few freezes like that.


I’m on the PS4 and get a freeze up about once an hour - I have to close and reopen the game to fix it. I’ve also had one complete crash that wiped all my settings - it was a pain in the proverbial to redo all my key bindings. I expect there will be couple more patches over the next month or so and then all will be fine. :crossed_fingers: