Elite: Dangerous - updates!


Damn that’s good!!! The Dark Wheel Faction… I have the Elite audiobook called And Here the Wheel which is apparently about them but didn’t realise they were in the game. Apparently they were in the original novella that came with the game in the 80’s too.


Haha! I’m premium beta too!
Then I can confirm you’re allowed.

The true advantage of Shinrarta is that Jameson Memorial Shipyard has every ship and every item.
Only thing missing is Material Dealer/Fencer


All true! Loved the original Elite novel!


So I’m thinking I need to rename my mining ship “The Blind Squirrel,” as I feel like my ability to find core asteroids is completely based on luck. 130 prospector limpets fired, five cores found. Two were Bromellite, one was LTD, one Grandiderite, and one Alexandrite. Still good enough for a total combined haul over the last two days of 89 million spacebucks, but I don’t see how all these folks on Reddit can be clearing 100+ tons in a couple of hours.

Or maybe RNGesus just hates me.


I was the same lol but I didn’t find any cores. It was costing me more to mine than I was making!


I don’t know if you saw this but it was going around Reddit the other day. I haven’t had a chance to put it to the test yet.

Your still having better luck then me it sounds. I seem to be investing around 11k in limpets to get 15 - 20 mil back.




Me too! I remember reading it in bed on Christmas Day after playing Elite on my C64 all day lol


That’s still better than me, however I have been having so much fun that I don’t mind the low yield compared to other gameplay loops. My piloting skills have improved leaps and bounds too.

I think luck has a part to play - if you find a good fractured rock with high value core deposits it is very profitable, but if you don’t find one the returns are mediocre. I think that’s half the fun, though. If I were to hit a bunch of motherland rocks every time I went out it would get boring fast, and there would be no incentive to use mining lasers any more.

For what it’s worth, I think Frontier have got the balance right.


I’ve also got my ship outfitted with the rest of the mining tools, so if I come across a rock with something valuable that isn’t in the core (LTD only in icy rings, all the precious metals in metallic rings), I’ll stop and hit thise deposits up. Plus, now that I’ve gotten a bit better at it, I’m having a lot of fun playing with the subsurface missiles.

I’m also using a Python packed to the gills with limpets, so I can stay out longer and eventually hope that RNG takes pity on me. Also worth noting that those two sessions were each 3-4 hours, and I moved roughly 200 km in linear distance (not counting twisting and turning and zigzagging from glowy rock to glowy rock).


I’ve outfitted a shiny new Krait for exploration / mining - just need to finish up the engineering ready for DW2. The only thing that won’t fit (and I’m sure I will miss it) is an AFMU. I’ll be flying with fingers crossed most of the way I suspect


I never found the AFMU so important.
But I’m the type of guy that Trade shieldless…


I haven’t used the one on my Asp yet either so in a sense it’s a wasted slot, but I would appreciate that safety net when a long way from the bubble / repair facilities.


Will repair limpets repair systems like an AMFU, or just hull damage? I’ve got both fitted to my ExploraKrait.


What’s the AFMU?..lol


Australian Full-on Multirole unbeatableness.

Sorry wrong thread……………………………….




I haven’t played with repair limpets but I would be very surprised if you could use them on yourself @Navynuke99


Actually, you can use them on your own ship to remove caustic effects and repair hull damage from it caused by Thargoid encounters.


You sir are nothing short of amazing. LOL!