Elite: Dangerous - updates!


So far their “gameplay” improvements haven’t been all that impressive. That’s mostly been covered above. There have been some great quality of life and other type improvements though! Wonder what they’re coming up with.


Best guess would be a rework of the missions system plus how the players interact with the background sim in terms of economics etc. Things that enhance how people adopt roles when they play, i.e. trader, bounty hunter etc.

Stuff like network improvements is unlikely because it’s multi-platform and P2P networking (so always not ideal) but things like more story-led crafted missions seems like a good thing to add to the sandbox we have already. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.


New Paintjobs- Dazzle camo.


They obviously stole my idea from the Camo I made for @BeachAV8R A-10… Eh!


Beta Inbound!



There are a few sentiments in that thread i share.

Hopefully in a patch… soon, actual content will be added. With the latest patch, i am so glad i didn’t buy a lifetime pass



I don’t want to sound too alarmistic but…
A Thargoid base has been found and there’s an entrance.

Oh. Boy.


Let’s give it a good shake AND SEE WHAT FALLS OUT!


Knowing Thargoids from previous encounters, I’m going to play nice.
Like, really nice.


Ok- this is big, no HUGE.
Apparently it’s something that has been there for a while.

If you want to keep your surprise intact DO NOT OPEN THIS SPOILER.

If you want to know more…


Wooooow! Real aliens in Elite! Sooo cool.
Love E:D, played the first Elite game and then spent hours upon hours in First Encounters…
Exciting times ahead of us!


I want to have an AI crew on my ship. I know I can have them now flying fighters and all, but I want that cool chick to sit next to me in the Cobra :slight_smile:


Gah, at least another three weeks before I can get back into this…


Eeh… tell me about it.


Guys, can you post your commanders names so we can get in touch in E:D? Or alternatively if you could befriend mine, James Barrett it would be cool :slight_smile:


Benjamin K. Master

spaces, dot and all.


Commander Brixmis :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s easy to forget about this great game when I’m busy with so many other things. Think I only got about 2 weeks worth in this year!

When I stopped - having done a complete cold restart at the beginning of the year (why did I do that? sob…) I was trying to get together enough to upgrade my Diamondback Scout to an Explorer. Had one before I restarted and it’s a great ship.


Cmdr bogusheadbox.

Funny that name never seems to get taken


Great, I’ll add all of you guys when I get back home on Thursday! We should jointly fund a Federal Corvette, register it as Mudspike and then do cool things in Multicrew. Like pirating. Yarrrr!