Elite: Dangerous - updates!


Cmdr Kludger


There’s a thread for commander names!

Top post editable by all.




Just another couple of weeks, and I’ll be able to jump back in from time to time. Learned the hard way my laptop won’t run it.



That’s what happens when I get shot from MP40 hipfire from across the map after missing by a pixel with a springfield and 4x scope.





I have access, but unsure whether to just wait until public release.


OH hell, I’m downloading it right now… (Hours ago)


CMDR bisher

I’m currently listed as penniless, helpless, and hopeless lol

I’m being turned down for missions as financially I’m penniless and the financial requirement is ‘near penniless’ lol

The last mission I accepted I found my destination, locked on and then I am informed my spacecraft(sidewinder) does not have the fuel capacity to reach the destination. lol ( in reading this, I wonder if the solution is to refuel on a planet along the way)

The biggest challenge is I am not able to sit at my computer long enough to complete a mission and I’ve been doing this for years.

Ya I’m a gamer :slight_smile:


Should you ever need a Wingman, I’m there… CMDR Benjamin K. Master


Did they close the beta already? That seemed really, really short.


Hey they were honest it was a closed beta… hence- they closed it! DUH!

Just kidding, yep the closed Beta went so well they are now starting the Open beta.
That is EVERYONE who want to taste the goodies will be able to.
In accordance with the ancient scriptures this is good.


They should just push the patch - I could use that all in one course plotting, instead of these 1000 ly increments.


Update to the Open Beta

Mainly fixes plus some nice addition.


Exciting news about the financial status of Frontier!


Anyone know the planned date for the patch, or is it a closely guarded secret? From what I read, the testing is done.


Soon, I hope. The new galactic map features would be great for the rest of my trip back to the bubble.


From what I saw on youtube they have announced the date that they will announce the date …next Thursday the 14th :slightly_smiling_face:


Funny that, 'cos I want it to go the other direction :slight_smile: