Elite: Dangerous - VR or No?

Do you guys use VR for Elite? I am pretty sure that the non-ship stuff doesn’t support VR - and honestly I am still not sold on VR for first-person views as it is hard to get movement right. But I feel like ship stuff in VR is too important to not use VR? Do I just go back to Track IR for Elite?



I love flying in Elite:Dangerous in VR!
If and when I go and do Odyssey stuff, I will just stuff my joystick and throttle and play it like it’s a separate game.


Before the odyssey expansion the answer is a resounding yes… it has an amazing sense of scale and you can walk around the cockpit … after odyssey they introduced some performance problems … and killed the fps it’s got pack to a reasonable level but I feel it looked better before

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I haven’t played for about a year, but since I bought a VR headset - always when ‘flying’.

Didn’t do much Odyssey stuff, but like Freak, played it as a separate game in 2D.


I haven’t upgraded to Odyssey, so my answer is yes. The game pops in VR and the in-ship immersion is next level. The only way I can describe it is by saying it feels like you are there on an actual ship.