Elite Fixed vs Gimbaled vs Turret

So want some input. I just bought a Viper MK IV and had 2 fixed pulse laser turrets and 2 Gimbaled multi cannons. I replaced the 2 fixed pulse lasers with Gimbaled due to a better dps. However in the long run is fixed better or Gimbaled? I plan on using my viper for PVE bounty hunting.
I’m playing on the Xbox so my control isn’t as good as with a joystick on PC. Also I know Gimbaled are ineffective against counter measures.

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Gimbaled are only ineffective against countermeasures if you maintain the lock on a target while chaff is being dispensed.

If I remember right, I’m running a combination of fixed and gimballed on my Clipper, because of the weapons placement, but fixed in my Vulture because of the maneuverability meaning it’s easier to point the nose where I want it anyway.

Weapon location is important as well - I don’t have a lot of Viper experience, but if the hardpoints are near the top, the gimbals can give you a wider field of fire.

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Its all comes down to “Horses for courses”.

Even with the turret nerfs, IMO gimballed generally surpasses fixed in a purely dps stand point. However saying that, it does come down also to ship manoeuvrability and weapon types and the foes you are after.

If you are running a smaller type ship, and have manoeuvrability, then a good pilot can be devastating with fixed weapons. However, downside to fixed weapons is you can’t target subsystems (like cargo hatch), you have to hit them manually.

Larger ships, will greatly benefit from turreted. But if you plan on hunting larger ships(python fighting conda), then fixed can work well.

Favourite fixed is rail guns. Almost zero travel time and you can be accurate. But massive energy draw and spool up time.
Plasma hits hard aswell, works fairly well on shields, and causes heat build up on target. Slow projectle, Very expensive ammo, uses lots of energy and generates heat to fire.
Cannons, well not good against shields but hammers hull. Slow projectile, but the upside is the ammo is cheap and you can carry a large load of it.

I generally run gimballed lasers of your choice to deplete shields then use fixed to hull damage.

But it really depends on what you are driving and what you are hunting.


I use gimballed but I suck.

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Thanks guys! Im going to try some hunting with all gimballed and see if I like it. Im currently leaning towards fixed and gimballed but anything is possible.