Could be interesting, stumbled upon it.

To me it looks like some GTA-type game but you are the “good guys”. :slight_smile:


Definitely going to have to check this out.

Edit: I wish I could find a total download size?

It will be hard to simulate.

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Doesn’t look too big, about 2.6GB ish:


Oh nice thank you!

Well I did it, I bit the bullet… and while I feel a little silly I think this game has potential.

The thing to remember is, its pre alpha… BUT that being said I’m really impressed with the level of detail. The trucks are quite amazing (I’ve been around a few fire trucks :wink:) They have full interiors and many light patterns and siren options. Sadly they currently handle like a barge adrift, mostly due to sluggish steering compared to their acceleration. So far that I’ve found the pre alpha demo doesn’t have missions yet, but they do have EMS and police vehicles added.

Its rough, but definitely something to keep an eye on. I remember when Kerbal Space Program was early on and I’m pleased with how thats gone, I hope in a years time I’m excitedly writing about the advances in this game.

TLDR: Its a demo at best, if you want something polished, then hold off, if you want an investment/ adventure? Maybe pick it up.

Well they updated the game last night and honestly there noticeable improvement.

Areas around fire stations and more buildings have been textured

Fire on the fourth floor!

Battalion, Heavy Rescue, Squad and Ladder

Fire truck doors and compartments can be opened now

Unfortunately theres no mechanic yet for putting the fire out.

Some performance improvements too though its still fairly buggy. But this has given me some faith for the future.

Another big update and patching over the last week or two. There is now multiplayer though I’ll admit I haven’t tried it yet. Graphicly the game is getting better, more building filled in and better lighting.

More detail seems to have been added to the station interior.

Now you can be toned out which is cool, though this can be almost too realistic at times considering I ran four “Oder of gas” calls and an alarm drop that turned out to be nothing lol

However patience pays off and I caught fire call.

“Battalion 5 on scene, fire showing”

There still isn’t a mechanic to put the fire out, but you can clear the call from the computer and that puts the fire out. All in all it seems like great progress for such a small dev team, coming in the future is actually having a character that you can control. Unfortunately the game still seems to really mismanage its resources and even on its lowest setting still makes my graphics card sweat with extended game play. Still… looking forward to see what the future brings.

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lol… I get that it’s still in development, but I find it funny that the one of the core mechanics (you know, actually solving the problem you were sent to solve) isn’t even in the game haha.

It looks interesting though. Not interesting enough that I’m leaning towards buying, but interesting.

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I like the subject matter so I’m not sad that I bought in early, but if you just are curious I would defiantly hold off until its way more finished if not full release.

Ok, so I could use some backup in something they call “Vietnam” Andrew!!! :grin:

I should’ve pinged you earlier. Was playing for 30-40 mins.

We’re both getting experience without embarrassing ourselves. :slight_smile:

Mutual aid inbound :wink:

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I love Andrew way more than you Rhino.

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The heli is unleashing napalm can’t you tell. He’s stabbing you in the back!

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