End of my rope


If you open up the windows usb/game controller panel, do all the joystick buttons work there all the time?

Then we can identify if the issue is with the connection to the PC or from Windows to DCS.


Next step: Are drivers installed for the devices? Are they the newest available version? I would hate to see someone give up because they happened to have a buggy driver!


In regards to teamspeak, MudSpike stopped hosting the server at the end of December.

Some users are now on Discord servers.
@Fridge has one and I am not sure what the invite permissions are.
I also have one that we use for the Hollo Pointe server hosted by WreckingCrew.

If you get discord, I can get you the link to that and possible add you to Fridges.

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Is the F-5 the only aircraft with a problem, or does it affect all of them?



Also, just to make sure. Are you just pressing the button or actually holding it down?