Ender 3 Neo wont hold origin setting

Per the title, I am having a heck of a time trying to get my Ender 3 Neo to hold its origin setting. I’m trying to print something that just barely fits on the bed, and it being 20mm off to one side makes that a no go. I’ve tried about everything I can think of to get the origin offsets to take, including hooking it up to my PC and updating it directly via gcode, soon as I try to print it autohomes and then it’s back to being offset. About the only thing I haven’t tried is printing directly from my laptop. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How about a M206 command in your initialization code?

Which firmware do you use, BTW?

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Ah ha, that may do the trick. Not sure on the firmware version, I’m at work so I’ll check in the morning.

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Firmware is:

So looking at the gcode options, there’s M206 which if I am understanding it correctly: “take the current data for offsets and modify them by this much.” There is also M428, which if I’m understanding it correctly is “set the origin point to where ever the head is parked right now.”

I’ll give those a shot when I get up.

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Here’s a peek into the world of customized firmwares for Enders…

M206 was the answers as M428 wouldn’t do anything except reset the Z axis offset for some reason. Even then M206 had very unusual behavior. If for example the X,Y of the bottom left of the buildplate ws reporting as -27,-11 M206 X27 Y11 should (if I’m understanding things correctly) have changed that to read 0,0. Instead I’d get say 7,4 then I go M206 X7,Y4 and get X3, Y-1. Eventually I was able got it to -1,-1 and pretty much bang on, so I said the heck with understanding the why and just being happy it worked.

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