So, after my computer upgrade, I’m trying a lot of eye opening things to test performance…

Pretty stunned. (I almost feel like this is the last computer I will ever need)

One of the things I bumped into was this bit of creepiness.

FPS ranges from a low of about 30 (all settings maxed) to a high of about 80.

Unity’s “Enemies” tech demo is now available to download on PC, allowing gamers to test out the high quality tech demo on their systems. This tech demo was first showcased in March, highlighting the high fidelity visuals that the Unity Engine can deliver. The demo showcases an ultra realistic “digital human”, and all of the new high definition render pipeline improvements that recent additions to Unity have delivered.

This is the first downloadable tech demo that Unity has released since 2020, allowing PC users to see if their systems are ready for the latest 3D visuals that the Unity engine can deliver.

Unity’s Enemies tech demo download is 1.1GB in size and is currently available to download here

Would be interesting to see what some of you with 4090s are getting…

Also wonder what Frame generation might bring to the table…


Nahhhh DCS VR has a long time to go until you can max it out on any current hardware :sweat_smile:
I am looking forward to the multicore patch for DCS though. I have heard some rumours that have me pretty excited.