EPOCH Master Pilot Air Rally

EPOCH Master Pilot Air Rally

By @BeachAV8R - December 9, 2015

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Each year, EPOCH Alaska Air pilots get together for an excursion out of Alaska…this time it is an air rally across Florida!

The Rally consists of nine legs, flown over three stages, with some interesting rules to add to the challenge. You must pick aircraft from nine categories and fly them only on one stage. As well, some of the stages have rules such as staying with 1nm of land and no further inland than 15 to 20nm. All of the rules and route information are available HERE!

Aircraft categories:

  • Ultralight / AULA5
  • Single or Twin Turboprop GA (General Aviation)
  • Light Sport (LSA)
  • Single Engine Helicopter / Gyrocopter
  • Single Engine GA Piston
  • Prop Airliner (piston or turbine) with >20 seating capacity
  • Twin Engine GA Piston
  • STOL-capable BushPlane on wheels
  • Military Single Engine Prop Aircraft from pre-1946 era

Non EPOCH pilots are welcomed to join in the fun and there is no pressure to be a winner or do things the right or wrong way – it’s a fun adventure and a nice way for the community to get together and marvel, laugh, and cry at our travels across Florida. I’ll be flying all of the legs, but you can check out the progress of the first two legs by clicking the banners below:

Hope to see you in the virtual skies over Florida!

Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth

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