Ermigerd our Chris is famous!

The one and only flare path dedicates an article to him!



Chris, we’re like “bruddas from anudda mudda”! (Except I can’t write)

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LOL…how embarrassing. I love Tim Stone, so when he asked if I’d write something for him…how could I resist? The most amazing thing about that article is how thin I was 25 years ago. Ugh…

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Did I see a picture of a beach from a beech taken by the beech?


We love you, Chris! You are our idol!
Is it weird if we wear T-shirts with your face on it? :smiley:


That was a great read. I think quite a few of us here can relate. I had my first flight sim experience when I was 11 years old, back in 1982.

Well, I recognized you before even seeing the name, so it’s not all lost yet! :wink:

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We aren’t worthy!

Great article, congrats :thumbsup:

I bow before the master. :slight_smile: Great article.

Ah…now my head is huge…stop it. I’m just all giddy that Tim Stone thought to ask me to pen that…he’s definitely one cool dude. I love how he writes…


:smiley: Love you, dude.


But… but … he looks so young there

At that young age…I could have…could have…chosen a different path and flown an F-111… Just think…