Esonub's Video Thread (Nub's Cockpit)

Hi everyone,

this is gonna be a thread updated with video’s which im gonna upload on my channel.

Well we set the Vietnam Event hosted By Reality Gaming Community and before i got any further i got to give a huge credit to derby who set the event and made it all happen, to Andrews Leader and Manager of RG for inviting me to join this Event.

Back on track we had a Dcs Vietnam event as you all ready know, my flight skills with the sabre aren’t that great and we had a little bit of confusion going on , But it ended up to be very funny !


ARMA 3 Time!!!
Well me and Sargoth from GamerViking Channel Searched for a good Arma 3 mission and we did ! … this one is called OFP Collection Revenge, so thumbs up to the mission creator it was a pretty cool mission.

Hope you’ll Enjoy !

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Mods Used:

RHS Escalation

Optional mods:

JSRS3 Sound mod



No one wanted to join me so i went to a solo PVP On DCS World Using my lovely F-15C ! i guess i got to excited though … :\

Credit to 104th server which the record is done on there server.

Enjoy !


DCS World F-15


Me (Esonub) and Feat. Sargoth (Gamerviking) moved on to our next plane which is the A-10A (If you followed older DCS world Videos in the channel we learned how to fly the F-15C).

For Sargoth’s Point of View click here: DCS: A-10A Ground Attack - YouTube
GamerViking Channel:


Coalition forces hold the town of Gali against the Russian - Ossetian Attack.


-Search and Destroy The enemy convoy
-Eliminate enemy artillery north to the town of Gali

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Great video ‘F-15 First Online PVP’ LOL :smile:

this kind of videos I like, edited to show the highlights, added text comments. I have little bit different taste like @EinsteinEP :wink:

thumbs up!

PS: the ground is big enemy of many :smile:

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thx for comment NEVO … i thought bout doin something else with the video im happy u liked it ! …
mainly video was pretty long round 15 mins … for 2 kills … lol but thats cuz i was confused enough to take from the far side of the runway lol …


forgot to drop those fuel tanks made me stall… lol

Hi everyone,

another flight from me, James and Luka.

ED Mission this time BARCAP for ground troops.

got to say it was very tense so i really wanted to share that video with u guys

Highlights are in the description ! ENJOY !


You guys work well together and communicate effectively. As a more helo/ground pounder guy, I’m always amazed that you fighter-types can keep your SA - it all looks pretty confusing to me. I’d be killing friendlies left and right…

Nice job and thanks for sharing! PS - At 12:56 you said “You won’t get me Beach…” LOL… :wink:


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LOL ! ya i did miss matched the words there XD

We really are working on getting the communications on how it should be, when i say that i mean that it should be effective and avoid confusion, as it already happened a lot when we played.

we really are starters in DCS so we work hard on avoiding all the confusion and we aint killing friendlies thanks to the IFF system lol.

now we finished most of the learning curves on the F-15C and we moved on to the A-10A for some ground pounding :blush:, so “CBU’S Gone Wild” video is the first mission i made and im gonna make more A-10A missions.
After that we probably gonna try the A-10C, SU-25 and the SU-25T version when it comes to ground CAS etc…

So what im bassicaly saying there more nice videos coming in the next few weeks that i hope everyone will enjoy watching. :wink:

Dont worry about SA. It is lost and gained on regular basis even by the real pilots in combat. You can still ID the contacts both electronically or visually :wink:

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Hi guys after a long long long vacation i had im now uploading here another knew video for the game which is called SQUAD from the creators of project reality !

so i managed to get my hands on the “Squad Pre-Alpha Closed event” and found out its great !

I know its not ARMA 3 or a DCS game … but i got to say that this game is def… a combat sim.

Fighting is hard core … Communications are hard core … Tactics are hard core !

Gotta watch the whole video to understand what i mean … ENJOY !

dont forget to switch 1080P with 60 FPS :smile:

Hello again !

hope you all having a great day, and im gonna make it even a bit more better with that great video me sargoth and james did last night !


Patrol boarder … cover friendly ground troops from any incoming air attacks.
the only thing was that we or they … Caught with pants down … :scream:

some viggen SEAD ACTION :smiley: enjoy gents …