Ever wanted to manage a Carrier flight deck?

Well here comes your chance -


Edit: There is a beta that can be applied for, if that’s your jam…

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Do I get to wear the cool shirt and growl at everyone in PRI-FLY?

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Or also shout at everybody on deck over the 3MC (Flight Deck announcing circuit).

The good news is, Matrix will barely need anything for the AI to properly simulate the average deck Airedale.



Still waiting for that Nuke Spaces Sim…


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Not sure if the yelling function will be implemented, but there will be Purple Osprey’s, so there is that -

The Prince Tribute livery. The METAR is reporting Purple Rain…

…but there aren’t any circular helicopter spots like that… and we never carried Harriers on a CVN…

There is a lot of loud stuff near that patch of grass. Nowhere near as relaxing as I had hoped…

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Hey…Ice…Man…I would die for U…you can be my wingman any day…

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Just like in a real propulsion plant. Though it only took the VA seven years to agree that I had suffered hearing loss because of it!

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OK, applied for the Beta. Looking forward to making fun of airedales in the forums if I’m approved. I mean honestly, how hard can it be?

I wonder if it syncs with World of Warships…

Hoping for a 1970’s mod.


Doubt it. If Wargaming was going to have a modern carrier in World of Warships, it’d be Russian, and it’d move at 60 knots, carry 200 planes that are twice as fast and have triple the hit points of anything else in game, and would have well over a million hit points.

And be armed with walls of missile launchers on both sides.

But you’re not bitter…

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I love those birds. Sexiest jet the Navy ever ordered.

I’m wondering if they’ll include Tomcats, and if they’ll model propulsion plant casualties taking steam out of catapults and reducing wind over the deck.

Yea love the Vigilante - the tail fin folds!

Update: still watching grass grow

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Me personally, no. But the salty tears of bitterness on the forums are delicious.

Same for the S-3. Though they’re not nearly as sexy. And they’re so. Very. Slow.

Hmmm. That deck model has one wire too many as well.