EVGA 980ti Water cooled to EVGA Hybrid 1080 Upgrade

Here is the upgrade and numbers. As you might have seen, I had added a Kraken G-10 water cooler to my EVGA 980ti. Worth every penny in my opinion. I just got my Hybrid last night in the mail. My only upgrade to the Hybrid was a pair of Corsair SP120 fans. They are super quiet. (Not wisper quiet but good enough quiet). This Mod I learned on youtube and it made my card super cool. It also runs a lot quieter than my 980 did. But my 980 had older fans. I learned a lot this week. Fans have changed a lot in the last few years. My Rig don’t have to sound like a jet engine no more. I got lower temps and QUIET by changing to newer fans. These Corsairs are not the quietest by industry standards, but they are a huge difference to me. Happy computing.

Here are the numbers.
Fire Strike 980ti 1080
14398 18262
Score Online 88% 97%

Temp on
Fire Strike 51C 47C

Let me go into DCS and see what this will do To be continued…

If you have turboprop fans in your computer and want it to go quieter, Noctua fans are the way to go. They look like cheap but are excellent quality. Moves a lot air and does it real quiet

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That thing looks like it is about to go deliver some packages for Amazon…


That was pretty silly. Im not a fan of Noctua Fans. I got some I never use. They are grey too. I really cant look at the brown. Playing DCS for about 30 minutes I saw no rise in temps. Rig stays at about 50C while running the game. The Corsairs have earned their keep.

best picture I’ve seen in a while lol

DCS looks good now. ARMA III looks even better. GPU temps are 29 at idle and 40C under load.
Yesterday I had a problem with my CPU cooler. It was suddenly idle at 61C. When I ran a benchmark it nearly hit 90C!!
I took the cooler pump apart (Corsair H100i V2) There I found some calcium deposits. They were keeping the impeller from moving smoothly.
I removed the calcium and removed the impeller. When I put the impeller back in it was rotating very smoothly. Long story short, CPU is now idle at
30C under load it gets up to 55C. Keep an eye on your AIO coolers.